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Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

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“Yaoyao, are you making fun of me? I'm not. I tell you, I'm just filling my stomach. There's nothing to keep or drive away.” Jiang Xiaozhi frowned and refused to admit it. Le Yao smiled and did not take her seriously, so she went with her. There were only two breakfasts in front of him, one of which was naturally a little star, and one of which was a little more, and there was nothing else. Jiang Xiaozhi sat down with the little star in her arms and found that there seemed to be something missing. She looked at Jiang Haicheng who came out of the kitchen with hot milk in his hand. “Why is there a breakfast missing?” “Yes, where is my mother's?” Little Star also found that there seemed to be no breakfast for her mother. Jiang Haicheng put down the milk, a cup for Jiang Xiaozhi, a cup for Xiao Xing, and then looked up at Le Yao. Le Yao is also looking at him, some apologies, after all, let him a big president to cook here is a bit unreasonable. Your breakfast is in the kitchen! Jiang Haicheng said slowly, but when he thought of the scene in the kitchen, his face was somewhat unnatural. It doesn't matter. I'll get it myself. Xiaozhi, you take the little star to eat first! Le Yao nodded and looked at Xiao Zhi. Jiang Xiaozhi just wanted to say something, but only saw Le Yao had walked past, coupled with the expression on Jiang Haicheng's face, suddenly remembered that Shang Qixiu had not appeared in the morning, could he be in.. “Oh, what are you doing?” As soon as Le Yao reached the door of the kitchen,Nail machine manufacturer, she screamed. Wearing an apron, the busy man in the morning light looked back at her in front of him, “I'm making breakfast for you!” “Shang Qixiu!” Le Yao called him ferociously, so angry that his teeth were itching. He was still holding the eggshell of the egg he had just knocked down, and there was still the egg white on his fingers, which was very bright in the sun, but it made people lose their appetite, just because it was very fishy. You're trying to blow up my kitchen! In front of the kitchen can only use one word to describe,Nail production machine, that is, beyond recognition, Le Yao almost can not recognize, he is really very capable. No, I'm just making breakfast! Shang Qixiu calmly answered that although he had wasted a lot of eggs, he had succeeded immediately. No, the eggs in the pot were obviously much better than those just thrown away. You pay, you pay for my kitchen! At a glance, Le Yao has been unable to accept such a kitchen, so angry that they want to cry, this is to sort out when it can be restored to its original state. Yaoyao, the kitchen is.. “Shut up!” Looking at the way he was still thinking about explaining, Le Yao was even more angry. The kitchen was still here, but it was destroyed by him. She really cried and had no tears. What's wrong? What's wrong? Let me see! Jiang Xiaozhi had already heard Le Yao's voice and came over curiously with his head. Ha ha, ha! Jiang Haicheng took one look, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, directly covered his stomach and laughed, “How can this be better than my cooking? I'm a little unpalatable at most. It's good for you. Ha ha ha, ha ha, I'm laughing to death!” Jiang Xiaozhi's ridicule, Le Yao's anger, all of a sudden threw at Shang Qixiu, coupled with the failure of the eggs in the pot again, Shang Qixiu picked up the handle of the pot with some anger, holding a shovel in one hand, ready to pour out the eggs that had been burnt again. What are you doing? Le Yao looked at his movements and gritted her teeth with anger. I, I throw it away! Shang Qixiu is very natural to open his mouth, this egg can not be eaten, naturally to throw away ah. Le Yao mercilessly closed his eyes, and then sighed, he did not have the whole kitchen, and now also spoil so many ingredients, the heart is blocked, directly opened his mouth, “you give me to eat!” “Ah!” Shang Qixiu was obviously frightened, this is all paste, black, simply do not look like eggs, how to eat, he will not be poisoned to death! “Ah, what? Eat it!” Le Yao was too lazy to talk to him, so she threw him a word and walked away. Jiang Xiaozhi laughed for another two minutes and followed Le Yao to leave. The scene was full of confusion. Shang Qixiu took the pot handle and looked at the black eggs inside. His mouth opened and closed. Mom, little star didn't eat, you come to eat! The little star watched Le Yao come out and shouted happily. Uh Le Yao nodded and walked toward the table. “Yaoyao, shall we go to the hardware market after dinner?” Jiang Xiaozhi also came over and drank the rest of the porridge in the bowl. Ok, by the way, buy some more light bulbs. Two of them at the east end of the corridor are not working. Le Yao knew that Jiang Xiaozhi was going to buy wires and nodded. Yes, I forgot to come. Jiang Xiaozhi smiled mischievously and stuck out his tongue. Jiang Haicheng sat on the edge, knowing that they went out because the light in Le Yao's room was not on, thinking that he would go there together, and that he would not let the vegetable market happen again. You stay at home! Jiang Xiaozhi saw through Jiang Haicheng's intention and opened his mouth first. Why don't you let me go with you? Jiang Haicheng asked, the hardware market is naturally very chaotic, they two women, and holding a child where convenient. Do you want me to be unable to buy a light bulb again? Jiang Xiaozhi slapped on the table and said angrily, “Last time it was because of your meddling that I can only go to the supermarket to buy vegetables now. You know, the same vegetables in the supermarket are more expensive than those in the vegetable market!” Jiang Haicheng opened his mouth, raised his eyes, and looked at her steadily. Jiang Xiaozhi suddenly shut up, looking at his line of sight like a deep pool, some guilty, she is not just said too much, so he is not happy to come. Jiang Haicheng put his chopsticks on the table with a sullen face. “So you think I was meddling last time?” “Yes!” Jiang Xiaozhi answered with a clear voice. Le Yao didn't know what had happened, and she hadn't heard Xiaozhi talk about it before, but now looking at Jiang Haicheng's expression, she was able to guess a general idea. She quickly reached out and pulled Xiaozhi's clothes,Coil Nail Making Machine, shook them, and motioned her not to get excited and have something to say. So when I see someone trying to bully you, I should stand by with my hands in my pockets and smile? “What bullying? Don't say it so badly!” 。 3shardware.com


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