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Love is too flustered by empty dream

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“Wait a minute, I'll take a shower and go into town together.” Having just come out of the meeting in the study, Shang Yingrong, who was watching Guan Ling at the door while putting on his clothes and turning over the information, didn't waste any more time. He stripped off and went into the bathroom. Guan Ling took Shang Yingrong's clothes out of the cloakroom for more than ten seconds, hurriedly tidied up his clothes, and went out to discuss things with Ah Ching. As soon as he went out, Ah Ching, who was answering the phone on the side of the stairs, made a “something happened” look in his eyes. As soon as he hung up the phone, he went to Guan Ling's side and said softly, “The meeting between Secretary Feng and Director Zhuang just ended. They stayed together for two hours.” Love is too flustered Chapter 71 Love is too flustered Chapter 71 Guan Ling was angry, but the surface was still very calm. When he got into the car, he grabbed Director Chuang's information and read it again. Although he was not sure what attitude this man would have, he still had to do his best. Presumably, even if Director Zhuang had reached any consensus with Feng Hengen, he could not but give him some face and explore the bottom first. In his mind, Guan Ling was trying to figure out what he wanted to say when he wanted to see the director. Shang Yingrong sat beside him quietly all the time. When the bus was about to enter the city, he opened his mouth and asked Guan Ling, “Come here at noon?” Guan Ling thought, but glanced at him absentmindedly and did not speak. Shang Yingrong frowned and felt uncomfortable being ignored, but he could only endure it. “Are you coming or not?” He asked again. Guan Ling still didn't look at him. He just propped his head up with his hands and looked somewhere with his eyes. He could see that he was thinking about things attentively. Hong Kang and Ah Ching sat in the car one after the other. Ah Ching, who was sitting next to him, did not dare to speak. Hong Kang, who was in front of him, poked his head out and advised Shang Yingrong a little nervously: “General Manager Guan is thinking about something. He will come to Rong Guang after the talk. I still have something to talk about with him.” Shang Yingrong frowned and looked at Guan Ling, who did not even look at him. There was a little grievance in his eyes. Hong Kang and Ah Ching withdrew their eyes, and their eyes did not dare to linger on such a boss. Shang Yingrong arrived at the company first, and after getting off, Guan Ling did not move. So the sound of Shang Yingrong closing the car door was a little loud. In the car,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Guan Ling's expression remained unchanged and he kept thinking about things. Old Ma is driving a car, after waiting for Guan Ling to think good thing, the body had a movement after one breathed a sigh of relief, this just is laughing to say with the Guan Ling that loosens: “The boss may be angry again.” “It's okay.” Guan Ling answered him and leaned over to whisper to Ah Ching. Ching listened, nodded, quickly made a phone call, called his men to work. A few minutes later, before arriving at the teahouse, he sent what Guan Ling wanted to his tablet computer. Everyone has a weakness, and Kuan Ling knows this very well. Like him, he knows that his life cannot be repeated, so he has to take Ah Ching with him when he finds someone to drink tea. Director Zhuang, who drinks tea, also has weaknesses, but Guan Ling doesn't know if Feng Hengen's weaknesses are the same as those he controls. However, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, even if it is the same, Guan Ling also feels that he can chat happily with Director Zhuang. He doesn't have much ability, that is, he can smile at anyone. Guan Ling entered the teahouse with a smile, and then came out with a cold face. He went all the way to the car with a calm face, without the slightest smile. A Qing is also quite quiet, thinking that things have gone wrong, a little uneasy. In Rong Guang, Guan Ling went into Shang Yingrong's office, the door was closed, and his face looked better. Shang Yingrong was looking at the document and asked, “How is it going?” Guan Ling nodded and said lightly, “talk about 70%, but you can't believe it all.” Shang Yingrong said “um”, picked up the phone and told President Han about their progress. There are twenty seats on the list of the voting committee. At present, they have taken two seats. President Han has his own trusted followers. As long as they take the few uncertain ones who have a little influence, the silent battle will be won temporarily. Although Guan Ling only said that he was 70% sure, Shang Yingrong still believed in 90%. When Shang Yingrong was at work, Guan Ling and Hong Kang chatted for a while and prepared to go back to tidy up the house. When he left, Shang Yingrong was in a meeting. Guan Ling didn't say hello. Ah Ching drove the car halfway. Shang Yingrong called and said coldly on the other side of the phone why he didn't come back after dinner. Guan Ling smiled, “aren't you tired of a piece every day?” “……” Shang Yingrong didn't speak over there. Guan Ling also did not say what is difficult to listen to, said with a smile that he had something to go home, let Shang Yingrong nothing to come back early after hanging up the phone. Back home, He Nuanyang was helping them tidy up the yard. As soon as Guan Ling got out of the car, he said to He Nuanyang in wonder, “You didn't come as soon as Li Qing went to work, did you?” He Nuanyang is holding a water hose to flush the lawn. Hearing this, he laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said, “I can't be idle…” Guan Ling laughed and scolded, “Hard work..” Then he went home, intending to send the information in his hand to the study. On the way, he went back to He Nuanyang, touched his nose, and said softly beside He Nuanyang, “It's not my house. What are you doing?” “Forget it, just accept your fate.” He Nuanyang also replied quite indifferently, “If you have another better way, you can't still go forward bravely for him now. Be honest, Guan Ling, and make do with it while he has the heart to repent. You should also have a little sincerity.” Guan Ling felt that he was already sincere enough, and what was the difference between what he did to Shang Yingrong now and what he did in the past? Apart from not being so attentive, isn't he taking good care of the big boss? Then he cries at once: “Am I still not enough have sincerity?” “Why do you think General Manager Shang moved so many houses to this one near my house?” He Nuanyang turned his face and snorted disdainfully, “Don't tell me you don't know?” He Nuanyang is his best friend, not a brother but better than a brother, he took He Nuanyang's parents as his parents. So the purpose of Shang Yingrong's move is not so difficult to guess, just to get close to him. Even this kind of extraordinary time moves a place to have to kill two birds with one stone, Guan Ling has some helplessness to the business total normal level display intelligence quotient. General Manager Shang calculated on He Nuanyang again. In order to show his sincerity for him,30ml dropper bottle, He Nuanyang did as he wished. They are not actors, but they are all the best actors in life. Guan Ling sighed with a smile. “Well, I'll go to the study. You finish your work and come in for dinner.” He Nuanyang waved his hand carelessly and let him roll quickly. penghuangbottle.com


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