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Love Marriage? – Ask Your Birth Chart for a Yes Or No!

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In Astrology, everything about the marriage of a person can be predicted. Many youngsters remain curious to know about the possibility of a love marriage. There are many ways to know about a love marriage yoga in kundli. The planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter have been considered the main planet to indicate a marriage in a person’s horoscope.  Out of the 12 houses of the birth chart, the 7th house signifies marriage and spouse. Thus, in order to know about an individual’s marriage one has to see the 7th house from the ascendant, Sun and Moon.

Love marriage prediction using house

For love affairs and romance, the 5th house of the birth chart is mainly seen. But 5th house alone can’t predict a love marriage and needs the support of other houses as well. Houses that are significant for marriage are as follows:

2nd House: This is the house of one’s family and also signifies relatives

5th House: This house shows romance, attraction, passion, bonding, and fun, etc.

7th House: This is the main house of marriage and signifies everything about marriage and spouse. It also shows emotional and physical bonding with the partner.

11th House: This is the house of the fulfillment of desires and shows the level of satisfaction in love or marriage.

12th House: This house denotes pleasure derived through sexual relations. We can say it is a house of bed pleasure for a married couple. 


Combinations for Love Marriage in Astrology

In Modern times, love marriage and marrying outside the cast is no longer taboo. But for love marriage to become successful, it is necessary that the couple shares mutual understanding and adjustment with each other. Astrologically, the 7th house denotes the level of adjustment after a marriage and the 5th and 11th houses denote friendship, respect, and support for each other and meeting of desires, etc. so, in a horoscope, if these three houses are making any connections through the placement of their lords then the native has a fair chance of getting love marriage.


Planets for making Love Marriage Predictions

Venus is the most significant planet to indicate the prime planet for a love affair and love marriage. Venus is a female planet and gives soft feelings inside required for establishing love relations. It also shows fun and romance in astrology. Now, if Venus is placed in Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Pisces Sign, then Venus is most comfortable and gives a high probability of love marriage.

If the 5th lord in your birth chart is sitting in the 7th house or making any association with the 7th lord or even the 7th lord is sitting in the 5th house, then love marriage can happen for that person. However, harmony in marriage will depend on other factors in the birth chart.

If Venus is placed in the 5th house with Mercury and is getting the aspect of Jupiter, then it is an indication of prosperous and successful Love marriage.

Moon and Venus together in the 5th house with Jupiter placed in the 11th house also indicates a successful love marriage. 

Moon and Venus, in a mutual aspect, indicate a loving spouse giving a successful marriage.  

If there is a conjunction of Venus and Rahu in any of the houses of the birth chart, there is a possibility of falling in love with someone out of the community. This combination may, however, cause trouble later in married life.


Failure of Marriage Prediction using birth chart

It is possible to predict about the love marriage of a person. And not just the success but the failure can also be predicted with the help of the birth chart. There are few conditions where your marriage can fail these are as follows-

If Rahu or Ketu put excessive impact on the 1st, 5th or 7th house or they are if badly placed in these houses may give love marriage first and then separation or divorce.

Mars if placed in the 1st, 7th or 8th houses may give a love marriage but the same would be short- lived due to divorce, accident, separation or death of partner.


Importance of Timing of Love marriage

After knowing the combination for a love marriage, it is important to know about the timing of love marriage. It is because activities or tasks done at an auspicious time result in good results. Your horoscope may have good yoga for prosperous love marriage. But if you marry at the wrong time, you tend to activate negative energies, which must be avoided at any cost. Consult an astrologer about the auspicious times for a love marriage before tying the knot.

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