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The show You premiered on Netflix in 2018 and became suddenly popular in the year 2020. The show and its plotline ensure that the viewers are thoroughly engaged and hooked to see what the unstable and mentally unhinged Joe Goldberg will do next. The season one made us realize that the man has no limits to his actions, and when Beck died, the audience assumed that was the last of it. Nobody expected him to fall for another woman again but season two came as a shock. The show introduced us from the eyes of Joe, and he knew he should not fall for her, but he could not help it. She was perfect but later, he realized she was a little too perfect to be true. Here are some of Love’s traits that were both sweet and horrible.

She Was Smart

There is no denying the fact that the girl was brilliant. She always knew what exactly was it that she wanted from Joe and her relationship with him. She fooled Joe into thinking that he is the one calling the shots in every scenario. She may be disturbed and bundled up with a lot of baggage, but she still ensured a calm façade. Love was good at her job, had a tight-knit circle of friends, and all this made her look like every other girl.

She Was Manipulative

She may be smart, but she was highly manipulative as well. Love did not let her flaws show in front of Joe until it was too late. She ensured to get what she wanted from her relationships without making it evident that she was steering them this whole time.

She Was Talented

Since the introduction of her character on the show, her talents were made visible. She loved to cook and made it a point to leave little treats for Joe. It was one of her ways to pull Joe closer to herself. If she had not had a traumatic past and a warped mind, she might have made it big in her professional life because she did not lack the potential for that at all.

She Was Emotional

In any other context, being emotional would be a good thing. The ability to feel the situation’s gravity and to convey what you think about it is a beautiful thing. But here, it goes to a little extreme. Love’s emotions were beyond reasonable, and she used it as an excuse to justify murdering people. She honestly believed that every murder she committed had several logical reasons for it.

She Was Responsible

Nobody expects deranged people like Love or Joe to be responsible for someone else, but Love proved otherwise. You can dislike her as much as you would, but you cannot deny her love and protective nature towards her twin brother Forty. She did everything in her power to keep him sober and out of trouble. She also understood her duty towards her business ‘Anavrin’ and no matter what relationship issues she had with Joe, she ensured that her business did not suffer at all.

She Was Callous

Love is entirely unaffected when she murders someone or toys with someone’s emotions. She feels that it is completely justified on her part and if it helps her get what she wants, so be it. She killed Candace because she was jealous of her and felt threatened that her presence might affect her plans for Joe. In the last scenes, she disclosed that she was pregnant and felt happy not because of the arriving baby but because she was sure that Joe was stuck with her now.

She Had Perception

Love had impeccable judgment when it came to people. The minute she met Joe and assessed that he was interested in her, she knew that he was the perfect person and that she could make him dance to her tunes. She did the same with her sibling. She knew that Forty was dependent on her entirely for emotional support, so she always used it to maintain an upper hand in their relationship.

She Was Cruel

Of course, Joe was cruel too, but the show established that point at the beginning itself. We had become accustomed to seeing that Joe will take a drastic step when he feels cornered, but it was also a fact that he tried to avoid that situation as much as possible. But Love did not flinch before making this decision. She killed her because she did not like Forty dating her. Her emotionless justifications to the act made Joe realize what terrifying person he had fallen for.

She Was Original

Love is one of the very few characters we have encountered who do not sound pretentious, and neither wants her parents’ money. She was not very fond of Los Angeles, and that is what resonated with Joe a lot. Her parents were strapped with cash, but she was never interested in that lifestyle. She always shunned away from their money and preferred a peaceful life surrounded by her friends and busy with her store. She did not even follow the trends of social media presence and valued her personal space.

She Was Selfish

Does this point need any explanation? No matter what Love did and for whom, it was to benefit her and nobody else.

To be honest, it may not be a popular opinion, but Love and Joe were truly meant for each other. Both of them were willing to kill for each other and have no visible remorse afterward. The two were equally obsessed and possessive about each other, which, in a very morbid way, makes them an ideal couple. The show stars Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, Amber Childers, and James Scully in lead roles.

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