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Peanut sheller machine is a common agricultural machinery, which is used to help people quickly remove the hard shells of peanuts. However, what many people may not know is that lubrication is very necessary for peanut sheller. If the peanut sheller is not properly lubricated, the machine will soon be damaged and cannot work normally.

Here are some points to remember when lubricating the peanut sheller machine:

1. Use the correct lubricating oil. When lubricating the peanut sheller machine, it is very important to use the correct and suitable lubricating oil. Generally speaking, choosing the right lubricating oil for your peanut shelling machine requires careful consideration of the materials used in the equipment, operating conditions, viscosity requirements and ease of use. By considering these factors, you can ensure that lubrication can give full play to the best performance of the equipment, while minimizing maintenance requirements. However, before using any lubricating oil, you must follow the suggestions of the peanut sheller manufacturer.

2. Pay attention to the method of lubrication. Once you choose the right lubricant, it is very important to use it correctly. This means ensuring that the lubricating oil is evenly applied in the right place. In terms of the amount of lubricating oil and lubricating position, if you are not sure, you should also follow the instructions of the peanut sheller manufacturer.

3. Check the lubrication level regularly. In order to ensure that your peanut shelling machine is always properly lubricated, it is very important to check the lubrication level regularly. This means checking whether the parts of the machine that need lubrication are short of oil and lubricating them as needed.

4. Don't over-lubricate. Although it is important to ensure proper lubrication of peanut sheller, it is also important not to over-lubricate. Excessive lubrication will lead to excessive accumulation of oil or grease in the machine, which will lead to damage or failure.

5. Maintain the machine regularly. Proper lubrication is only part of keeping the peanut sheller in good working condition. It is also important to maintain the machine regularly, including cleaning the machine, checking for any damage or wear, and replacing any worn parts as necessary.

Lubrication is very necessary for manual peanut sheller. Farmers must pay attention to lubrication when using peanut sheller to prolong the service life of the machine, improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of operation. By following the lubrication points, you can ensure that your peanut sheller is always properly lubricated and well maintained, which will help you work better.


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