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Yes, there is only one gang in such a large host country, so this gang “should have” thrived and developed in a good environment without other competitive forces, just like the original rebirth of the only land of the underworld. Then what The main city will flourish under the leadership of this gang, just like the unprecedented grand occasion of Qinglong City under the leadership of Xuanling. However, this situation, which was originally a matter of course, did not occur. Even the host country has not only failed to grow as a result, but its position has become extremely embarrassing. Not for anything else, just because the main city of Suzaku has created a series of humiliating precedents-the first to be captured, the first to become a defeated main city, the first main city to be affiliated to other main cities.. All of this, together, can only be described in one sentence. “What a ***ing disgrace!” In the city battle meeting, a master of life skills from the outer city stood up and looked at the leader of the Deer World Gang with a scowl: “We came here to help your gang win the'own ‘main city, but now you are holding the thick thighs of Xuanling. Even the main city is given by people. How can we need it?!” Who does the main city belong to? It has nothing to do with you, an employed outsider. Competing for the world had also been entangled with the fact that the first chief executive of Suzaku City was not himself, but now he heard that the other side had hit the heart of his pain. Can not help pumping the corners of the mouth,plastic bulk containers, almost on the spot want to impulsively jump up to curse. The other members of the gang who belonged to the competition wanted to refute one or two sentences, but they also felt that it was really difficult to speak after the words came to their lips. Originally, although the position of the castellan got, but suddenly airborne a top officer, and the name of his main city or “occupied city”, how to listen to people feel not taste ah. A while ago, the people of the land of the underworld were not noisy here,wholesale plastic pallet, but also killed a lot of players in other cities! That life master news is quite well-informed, continue to pull out the thing that just happened not long ago to make an issue of: “Although we only specialize in life skills, but the sense of honor of the main city is not lacking, our companions were killed by the other side here, you took refuge in the past, but also we continue to help make equipment weapons, is this a bit too much?!” It's too much, too much! The timing of this sense of honor in the main city is too much. Early have this consciousness, should not have accepted the invitation of the outer city gang, now mention the sense of honor to make an issue, but also the spearhead is directed at the land of the underworld that has no entanglement with them, this is not nothing to look for trouble! The people who are competing for the world are somewhat suffocated, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, feeling that the boy who is pounding the table and roaring is just full. The problem is that people are now holding public opinion as a weapon, standing on the side of justice like a hot-blooded head. No matter how dissatisfied they are, they dare not return to the past and say, “Even if I like to hold my legs, the occupied city is better than nothing.” This kind of seemingly unpromising words is despised by people. Rubbing his forehead mercilessly, he thought about it and raised his head with a puzzled look on his face and asked, “Is there any enmity between this one and the land of the underworld?!” How do you feel that this person looks at Xuanling and the land of the underworld with a little irreconcilable taste?! “No!” The player answered righteously. Not the slightest guilty look: “I just don't want to help the people who killed their companions in the main city.”. I despise you even more for taking refuge in Xuanling! TMD! Do you have the ability to pretend to be more shameless? Chose the world was choked choked, hate in the heart secretly scolded a, angry knot can not speak. The following players are all life skills division, they will be employed by people, in fact, the strength of the gang, the main city ownership of this kind of problem is not very cold, but, the words were said to this, watching the world this gang will be summed up as a group of losers, if they can still have no hard feelings to help, it seems that it is too cheap ah. As a result, many people hesitated to be incited by this. It doesn't matter who you work for. The important thing is that if the reputation of the people you help is too bad, it will seriously affect their future business! This year's life skills division is not easy to mix, to self-respect status, when choosing partners, selectivity is particularly important. The following commotion, of course, the people who compete for the world also found, but at their wits' end, just when the people who compete for the world can't help but want to give up on themselves and offend people, they also want to scold a sentence or two. One of the life skill masters below gave a sneer and said sarcastically, “Isn't it that your regiment joined hands with those who cheated the cross and buried Lolo?”! As a result, the action on this side failed. If you can't kill Lolo, your regiment will want to make trouble for others. By the way, it will also add to the blockage of Xuanling. What are you doing so grandly? Huh?! Is there such a thing?! The life skill masters were stunned, then looked in the direction of the voice, only to see that the speaker was sitting in the small pile of craftsmen gathered, seemingly responsible for the production of accessories. You, you slander me! The technician who spoke first was so red in the face that he spoke with a big tongue. I slander you?! Do you have the ability to check out the badge of your regiment to let everyone see if you belong to the forces?! If you have the ability to turn on the communicator in front of everyone, shout'Mission Accomplished ‘on the team channel, let's listen to whether there is a contact with you?! The craftsman who had just spoken was full of confidence, and a few words were blocked back. The sharpness of his words made him admire the world. But on second thought, the world is worried again-how does this boy know this?! Did he also get the news from his companions?! Once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope,drum spill containment, even if people are now helping themselves to speak, the competition for the world is still for these skilled teachers who have belonged to a certain force and are in employment and are happy to keep in touch with their own forces, have a timid mind. cnplasticpallet.com


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