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How to use a Macro Calculator for weight loss?

Macro Calculator can help an individual with the weight loss journey. 

The Calories are consumed in the form of food. The foods are carbs, proteins, and fats. These are the macronutrients.

Now Chicken is a high source of Protein, and it contains no carbs. Similarly, rice is high in fat and contains less or negligible amounts of Protein.

The three macros, Proteins, Fat, and Carbs, are the essential factors to provide the body with energy and raw materials required by the body.

After taking into account the daily calorie requirement by using the Calorie Calculator, the second option is using the Macro Calculator to determine the ratio of macronutrients needed to reach the fitness level or lose weight. 

The Macro Calculator will consider the important factors and calculate the macronutrients. Hence allowing you to lose weight.


How to consider a good ratio of Protein for everyday consumption?

Proteins need to be consumed per every pound a person weighs. It is completely dependent on the body weight of a person.

AllCalculator.net Macro Calculator calculates as per three settings.

Moderate Proteins: The body weight is adjusted per 0.65 grams. It works best for individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle. These people have a higher body percentage.

High Proteins: It is a requirement for very active people. These individuals have average body fat.

Maximum Protein: In this, the body needs 1 gram of Protein per pound the body weighs. It is recommended for any health conditions or to gain muscle mass.


How to determine activity level as per the Macro Calculator?

If a person is very active, ultimately, the requirement also increases.

Suppose a person maintains the weight by consuming 2000 calories per day. Now if the person adds intense exercise, the calorie requirements increase.

If a person with a sedentary lifestyle and aims to lose weight. Suppose exercises are added, then also daily consumption of calories increases.  

It is counterintuitive as workouts require energy. Now to provide energy to the workout, more calories are needed. More workout means high metabolism. Here fat is burned as metabolism increases. The body needs the energy to function, provided through the three essential macros like Protein, fats, and carbs.

Hence the macronutrients defeat the interesting term and recommend the right food for the food. To balance the proportion of macros for the body to reach the fitness level.

Macro Calculator gives a good number of calories per activity level.


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