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Mad Max is one of the famous film series in Hollywood. It is a post-pandemic action film series and is created by George Miller and Byron Kennedy. A prequel is set to join the ranks in the upcoming days, and this one will focus on Furiosa's character when she was young. While fans are waiting for the prequel to roll out, they have already made their wish list of what they want to see from Furiosa. It includes various points, and in this article, we have listed some of the things fans want to see in the prequel.

Young Immortan Joe Gradually Becoming More Sinister

Viewers from all over the world are excited to watch the younger Immortan Joe in the prequel of the Mad Max Furiosa. This is because fans want to see the less evil side of Immortan Joe. After all, he changes himself a lot. People want him to not turn towards the worst in the prequel and should not be such a dictator.

Immortan Joe Capturing His Wives

Immortan Joe has always been engaged in atrocious acts such as his habit of taking certain women to be his wives. The prequel should not bring these characters back. Instead, it would be perfect for showing how Immortan captured these women. It would be an ideal way to clarify the things over the system of taking wives and how many have faced this brutality.

The Lifestyle Of A Slave At The Citadel

As shown in the film Mad Max: Fury Road, everyone who works under the command of Immortan Joe is a slave and forced to live a hellish life in every way. However, it has been shown sparsely in the film to present the story of Max and Furiosa. The prequel can focus fully on these slaves and their hardships of life in this worst kingdom of Immortan Joe.

Furiosa's Childhood

To watch the upcoming film Furiosa of this Mad Max franchise, you should watch the earlier Mad Max movies to easily understand the Mad Max Universe. But, if the prequel shows the younger days of Furiosa, you would not need to watch all the earlier Mad Max movies. In the previous film Fury Road, the upbringing of Furiosa has been shown in an informative way, but the upcoming prequel can portray it on the screen.

How Furiosa Lost Her Arm

Although Furiosa has a prosthetic arm because she lost her arm, she is still considered to be one of the dangerous characters in the film Mad Max: Fury Road. However, she has lost her arm, but it does not make a difference because of her furious character. But viewers are wondering how she lost her arm. As the prequel mainly focuses on the younger days of Furiosa, it would be good to shed light on the accurate reason she lost her arm.

This article lists some points and wishes that fans of the Mad Max film series desire and want to see in the upcoming prequel.

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