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I am just trying to work out exactly what there is that Madden 21 coins would cause a mass exit of participant by removing leagues out of the game. You can find similarities between stadium and lvl, but as someone who has been playing in precisely the same league since MM17, there's something about it which makes it more intriguing and rewarding. It is not necessarily that eliminating it would cause a mass departure, but of the individuals who do leave, many are some of the greatest players from the top leagues, who are likewise some of the biggest spenders.

Everyone who's angry with EA over stealing our Madden Cash should write to them. EA cannot do this. Does anybody else not believe any of this its not possible b.s.? Anything is possible if they desired to make it happen it would. It could be difficult, expensive and need more funds, but being lied to that all sorts of facets can not be carried over since its”hopeless” seems like EA is going to release a shit game they ran out of time to prepare properly. It's not possible. Everything is possible but it will be pointless. Sure it is likely to get back with your ex but likely better if you only move on.

EA started fresh with a new app when overdrive came out also and everything carried over. A number people really care about championships and have been together since 1. People that actually buy madden money are getting screwed even more it has carried over every time and out of no where it does (glad I dont anymore). EA is not prepared to launch this program and is only doing so because they do every year. Toe-tapping is the only positive thing cited in their new upgrade, but appears to exist as your receivers will sometimes stay next to sideline for a couple of extra seconds there just is not any cartoon for it currently.

The whining here is amazing. I imagine when EA posted the legacy section daily use it's possibly a dozen people following the first month. It's more than legacy. It is the simple fact that all madden money that's purchased with real cash, And all preceding leagues, and all logos and achievements from previous seasons, And all past season stats are going to be gone. Idc concerning the legacy page, but I have been playing this game since its release in 2014 and that is nullifying all background of this. That's hours of peoples lives becoming deleted within a new program that's most likely not even necessary.

So will I be able to play mm20 still since this is on a new app or? Gems would not have taken over anyhow. Madden Cash has been the only currency that transported over. I wasn't really banking on them carrying over, mostly waiting for something more worthwhile later in the season that never came. Possibly hoping I could dismiss them on some type of year score packs for following year. Edit: I was also wondering if this means we could still play madden 20 next year? The program must be so broken by now that they can not even update much without breaking it. I don”t understand why most people are mad about MM21. Yeah, no legacy may sting for a few weeks, but I am looking forward. It is a game men. An aggressive game, but mmoexp legit a match no matter. Y'all behaving as this will hurt you.


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