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Mads Mikkelsen, who has replaced Depp in the role of Gellert Grindelwald, has been slammed on the internet for saying that he doesn’t know the latter actor.

Mads Mikkelsen has received some hate from the fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean star at several internet sites after he revealed in the interview the reason why he hasn’t yet spoken to the actor despite saying “yes” to replace him as Gellert Grindelwald in the next Fantastic Beasts film.

Mads Mikkelsen, who is previously known for the role of Hannibal in the hit NBC series “Hannibal,” has recently appeared for an interview with Associated Press and when he was asked a controversial question of whether he has talked to Johnny Depp recently, Mikkelsen had a negative response.

Mikkelsen (also famous for his role in the film “Another Rounds”) explained that there was no way for him to reach out to Johnny Depp because he has no personal relationship with him. It was only on a solitary occasion that he had met him. He added that since he does not even have his personal contact number, there is no way he can speak to Johnny Depp.

Well, if you look at it objectively for once, it was an unnecessary question. It seems as if the reporter wanted to draw Mikkelsen into another controversy. Nevertheless, the fans of Johnny Depp have not taken this response from Mikkelsen lightly.

As far as his preparation for the role is concerned, Mikkelsen feels that there is nothing much for him to do. However, he has mentioned that he needs to build a bridge between whatever Depp has already done and now what he is going to do with the character.

Fans have bashed the “Polar” star for his comments on Johnny Depp and have called out his phrase of “I don’t know him” as entitled and egoistic. Fans do have a certain bias for Johnny Depp, which is not going to make things easier for Mads Mikkelsen. Some fans have even mentioned the fact that they have already had enough from him.

Many fans think that he is hiding his opinions behind a veneer of ignorance and just wants to play safe. Fans are still raging on the internet over the exclusion of Johnny Depp from not only the Fantastic Beasts project but also from Pirates of the Caribbean and other mainstream projects.

However, Twitter users saw some logical angle in all of this and alluded to the fact that it is the reporter’s fault. The questionnaire has unnecessarily dragged Mikkelsen into this controversy. And yes, if you are looking at the facts, Mikkelsen is nowhere near responsible for what is happening with Johnny Depp’s life. 

Many Twitter users balanced out the argument, saying that when someone says “I don’t know him” in the Danish professional circle, then it means that the person is not friends with that person. “I don’t know him” does not necessarily mean that Mikkelsen is unaware of Depp’s existence.

Many netizens also said that Mikkelsen is not that much of an expert in socializing with celebrities, which further vindicates him from this controversy.

Source: Mads Mikkelsen Got Bashed Because of Johnny Depp


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