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In digital marketing, there are two basic ways to go about building business. There are organic methods and then there are paid methods.


Paid methods are the classic ones, similar to the “old” ways of paying for advertising space in a newspaper or on a billboard. Except in digital marketing, paid strategies like PPC rely on you buying ad “space” in a video, on a sidebar on a website, or at the top of search results pages.

Conversely, there are organic strategies, which in the realm of traditional marketing are more akin to buzz. Organic strategies, like content marketing, social media marketing, outreach strategies, email marketing, and eCommerce SEO, are designed to increase customer awareness in a more “natural” way. These are mostly long-term strategies.

SEO strategies for eCommerce websites are some of the most effective organic marketing strategies in the industry, and even though online stores are built on different platforms, the basis of eCommerce SEO services (as compared to Magento SEO services, BigCommerce SEO, Shopify SEO, and so on and so forth) remains the same.

What eCommerce SEO Services Are Really About
In general, eCommerce SEO services comprise a collection of strategies to improve a website’s organic search engine rankings.

Among the many “components” of eCommerce, the major ones are technical SEO, on-page SEO, content strategy, link strategy.

Technical SEO has to do with a number of website aspects that affect rankings, such as website structure, the presence of a sitemap (like an XML sitemap), site speed, security, extra code, and things of that nature. These factors are not always visible to users.

On-page SEO deals with page-level factors that affect organic rankings, such as the layout of the page, the keyword density of the page, the content offered by the page, and similar factors.

Content strategy consists of the optimized content that will be published everywhere on an eCommerce website, not just in the blog and CMS pages, but on category pages, product pages, and elsewhere on the website.

Link strategy refers to the process of developing a plan for an eCommerce website’s internal and external linking. Internal linking improves site structure, a website’s navigability and user experience, and SEO, and external links, or backlinks, are not only a big source of referral traffic but also a critical SEO ranking signal.

The Difference Between “Regular” SEO and Magento SEO Services
There is no huge difference between regular eCommerce SEO services and platform-specific SEO services, like Magento SEO.

However, SEO agencies that offer customized campaigns will offer platform-specific services will base their services around the native features of a platform.

For example, Magento SEO experts know that Magento websites do not automatically generate a site map. An SEO company can help solve technical problems like this.

Magento SEO services might also offer consulting services for improving site speed, site security, or page development since these factors all affect SEO, and providing for them is the responsibility of the Magento site admin. As an open-source platform, Magento offers less out-of-the-box functionality than SaaS platforms, and that can affect SEO.

What a Magento SEO Services Provider Does
However, the bulk of what Magento SEO agencies offer is effectively akin to all over forms of eCommerce SEO services. You can expect:

● Keyword research and keyword strategy development
● Ongoing monitoring of GA, GSC, and possibly other dashboards
● Content strategy development and publication
● Internal and external link strategies
● Audits for technical features like speed, security, site structure, and more
● On-page optimizations
● And more

Trust the Best in the Business
Investing in eCommerce SEO services can be a big expense. Don’t trust anything to chance. Work with the best providers in the business.

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