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It’s no secret that a professionally designed, assembled and tailored uniform can create a much better customer experience, not to mention that it will make your employees appear more polished.

A part of this uniform is the name badge. Using high-quality, standardized, and branded name badges that contain titles, names, accolades, and badge talkers can improve communication as well as the brand experience.

An aspect of professional name badges that is often overlooked is the name badge holder or fastener. While some name badges are stored and displayed in lanyard holders, others use pin fasteners or magnetic name badge holders.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the key components of magnetic holders.

Advantages of Magnetic Name Badge Holders
Magnetic name badge holders bring some key advantages over pin-fasteners for name tags.

Among the most important of these is that they are much easier to use. Pin fasteners have small moving parts that are difficult to manipulate. With a magnetic fastener, all you have to do is align the backing and the nameplate and they will clip together. This also makes them superior for employees with fine motor complications.

Magnetic badge holders are also much more durable than pin fasteners. Pin fasteners have small, moving parts that can easily bend or break. Magnetic fasteners do not; they have no moving parts that can fail and many are made with powerful rare earth magnetic that will provide a sure hold for many years.

Pin fasteners, when not properly applied, can allow the badge to slip forward over the uniform, making it look like they are hanging down. Magnetic name fasteners have less “play” in the design and will not sag, creating a crisper and fresher appearance.

Magnetic name badge holders are also the perfect option for uniforms made from expensive or delicate materials that can easily be damaged by a pin. Since the magnet does not require the uniform to be pierced, it can preserve the integrity of the uniform.

With all of this clearly spelled out, it seems like magnetic name badge holders are simply a better option for all users. This is not necessarily the case and there are situations in which pin fasteners might be considered the better alternative.

One clear drawback is the cost of magnetic name badge holders. Magnetic name tags can cost several times more than pin fasteners, with some costing as much as four times more than equivalents. Though the unit cost is low, multiplied across hundreds if not thousands of employees, the costs amplify.

Another is that magnetic name badge fasteners may not be suitable for employees with artificial pacemakers – but that is something you can clear with your employees.

Moreover, while magnetic name badge holders do offer a very secure fit, it is possible to rip them off. If the badge hangs up on a corner of a piece of furniture or with a deliberate motion applied, the badge can be knocked off and lost. You can’t do that with a pin fastener without breaking the pin mechanism that secures the badge.

Therefore, it’s best to take it on a case-by-case basis and understand your unique needs before proceeding with any new badge redesigns.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Pin and Magnetic Name Badge Holders?
When the time comes to redesign your company’s name badges, you’ll once more need to make a decision about presentation and name badge holders. Whether you go with lanyard name tag holders, pin fasteners, or magnetic name badge holders, Imprint Plus (imprintplus.com) offers unmatched quality.

In addition to offering badge design and printing services, they carry a wide range of fasteners and holders that exhibit durability at attractive prices. Visit their website via the link above for more details!

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