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It’s the major question with the adhesive iPhone PopSockets

MagSafe PopGrips are now available, post the popular phone handle company announced they would be launching in January. The PopSocket for MagSafe costs $30, which is three times more costly than the magnetic versions, but the major question that people have been asking since the announcement is made that if they will be trustworthy or not. So, we came up with some details about the latest launched PopSockets.

The PopSocket for MagSafe is a retractable socket for your iPhone, as the name implies. It can also function as a stand for watching movies or videos or a hands-free video call. MagSafe has made different models of the PopSockets for years now. And if you have made a collection of cool design tops, even those would work with those PopGrips.

But they have typically used an adhesive to stick to your phone. The MagSafe version uses Apple’s system magnets that it implemented on the iPhone 12 versions. It is compatible with anything from the iPhone 12 Mini to the Mega iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Third parties also made some attempts to make MagSafe mounts that you can affix to your iPhone models, then stick a PoGrips to. But the PopSocket for MagSafe is integrated and made purposely as a first-party version.


What MagSafe Suggests?

PopGrips mentioned on its box that this shouldn’t be used with bare iPhones. And why is that? So, let’s see why: the iPhone’s backglass doesn’t give a lot of grips. But at times, the question with accessories isn’t about “what do the instructions say” but concerns with “can I use it the way I want to?”

Seems like the answer is no. Follow the instructions of PopSockets, and do not use the grips without a case cover on iPhone. If you would try to put it on a bare phone, you can do it easily. And when you shake it around a few times, you may get fortunate and think that it’s okay to use it like this. But as we said earlier, surely it will come off very easily at some point. Possibly while you’re on some kind of risky precipice. So, to avoid such uncertain risks with your phone, follow the instructions.

There is a thing that makes us wonder that what would happen if I had a plastic case. simply that was is not MagSafe compatible. Would the magnets still reach through, and would the plastic be less slippery than the iPhone’s glass?

We are not going to directly answer the second question, because the answer to the first one is surely not. You can find out the answer to your second question in the answer to the first question. It will just come off, even with a seemly thin MagSafe-less case cover.

Fine, well, let’s provide PopGrip the best-case scenario. How rightly will it adhere to Apple’s silicone MagSafe case cover, which has both magnets and a properly grippy texture?

The Best-Case Scenario

As you can see, it’s not getting off, at least till the time you want to pop it off. Now say, wirelessly charge, in which case it’s very easy to pull it off. But maybe it’s merely the specific method you were shaking it that let it perform so well.

 We will admit that people have never historically been heavy PopSocket users, but we have got to learn that people have so much faith in the PopGrip adhesive.

So that made us wonder what was the silliest thing people could do to stick the MagSafe case / PopGrip connection to the test. And certainly, the answer was karate.

Do not commit any mistake, if you are willing to displace the PopGrip from the phone. If I’m clasping the phone at an appropriate parallel angle to the floor and shaking with all my power, the socket will eventually get off, but that doesn’t feel like a realistic scenario and it’s been rigid in all of our other tests.

It’s also worth highlighting that we were not able to examine the MagSafe PopSocket with other case cover materials, for example, Apple’s clear plastic, or leather cases. So, it’s tough to say if it would do work for them as well. But it does feel like, with at least one of Apple’s covers, the MagSafe PopSocket can hang with the adhesive model.

And if you utilize your smartphone with a non-MagSafe cover or no cover at all? Well, you may require to stay with the sticky PopSockets or purchase a MagSafe cover if you want that smooth magnetic removability.

Hi, this is Elisa Wilson, a tech-savvy from the Canadian province, Alberta. I am a computer science graduate who is currently working as a tech research analyst at Kforce Technologies. Alongside providing detailed info-graphics to studies in question, I also create instruction manuals and troubleshooting guides as per the client’s requirement. Recently, I have created a Roku activation guide, and here’s the link you need to follow: roku.com/link.

Source :- https://computersoftware410578901.wordpress.com/2021/06/14/magsafe-popgrips-are-here-lets-check-if-they-stick/


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