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In India, Manashivratir is considered a very important festival. Especially in Hinduism, Lord Shiva has a very special place in devotees' hearts. So, all Shiva devotees wait for this festival throughout the year and celebrate Mahashivratri with great elegance. Lord Shiva is known as the Devokedev Mahadev. He is the destroyer and also the creator of the universe which is why Lord Shiva is considered a supreme god.

People believe that for those who worship and fast on the day of Mahashiratri, Lord Shiva easily pleases them and removes all obstacles from a person's life and Mahadev fulfilled all their wishes.

Mahashivratri Festival In Trimbakeshwar Temple: 

Lord Shiva is the most worshiped Lord in Hindu culture. And Trimbakeshwar temple is one of the holiest temples of Lord Shiva. Trimbakeshwar temple is the divine Jyotirling of Lord Shiva where Lord Shiva visited himself in the form of Shiv Ling. This temple is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. And Mahashivratri is the biggest festival of Trimbakeshwar temple celebrated in the month of Magh Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. In the month of February-March, larger fares were held at Trimbakeshwar temple. Thousands of Shiva devotees from all over the world visit Trimbakeshwar temple every year to worship Lord Shiva on Mahashivratri day. Mahashivratri is a day of Lord Shiva, On this day many people perform Rudrabhishek for Lord Shiva to please him. Trimbakeshwar is very famous to do many Pooja and Rituals. Trimbakeshwar Pandit performs various types of rituals like Kaal Sarp Dosh, Narayan Nagbali Pooja, Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap, Kumbh Vivah, and Rudrabhishek.

Scientific Reason to Celebrate Mahashivratri : 

On Mahashivratri People do “Jagran” all night. On this day energy of our body quickly go upward. Mahashivratri night is full of positive and beautiful energies. On this night you have to prepare yourself for Sadhna. You can start this Sadhna before 40, 21, 14, 7, or 3 days of Mahashivratri, visit (https://www.trimbakeshwar.org/articles/mahashivratri) to read instructions to follow during this Sadhna. Because of turbulence, a certain type of situation is created on the planet due to which there is a lack of energy in the Northern Hemisphere. Natural functions and energy increases are very high on Mahashivratri night. If you sleep that means you are blocking those energies. That is why you have to sit up straight and keep your spine stiff on that night. 

Just as on a new moon or full moon day the gravitational force of the moon raises or lowers the water level in the ocean, and the human body also increases the level of body fluids. If at that time you do anything little like meditation, craziness, helpings, etc. it makes you more meditative, crazier, or more helping person. 

Mahshivratri Fast : 

  • Women most believe in Mahashivratri fast because Mahashivratri fast is most beneficial for women. Unmarried women believe in this fast to get the desired groom. And married women believe in this fast to protect their husbands from all evil things and for their long life.
  • Those women who are facing problems in having a child also perform Mahashivratri fast to get blessings from Lord Shiva for Child happiness.
  • Males also believe in Mahashivratri fast in lots, they do this fast for deep meditation, to purify their body, and to improve their mental state.
  • Fasting improves the person will power which helps us to cleanse our soul.
  • People consume only exceptional food during Mahashivratri fasting like fruits, Juices, Makhana, Potato, Kuttu flour, Shbudana Khichdi, Chestnut flour, Thandai, etc.

Mythological beliefs behind why we celebrate Mahashivratri?

1) Story of Bhagavata Purana:

 Mahashivratri is when Lord Shiva saved the world from the pot of poison. When Samudra Manthan is many valuable things come out of the sea, but when a pot of poison comes out nobody is ready to take it. Poison started to spread all over and many animals and people getting to die. To save the universe from poison Lord Mahadev drink all the poison and held it in his throat. Since that day Lord Shiva get the name “Neelkanth”. And all the gods praised the glory of Lord Shiva all night and called him “Devo Ke Dev Mahadev”. That is why this night is known as a Mahashivratri.

2) Story of Lingpuran: 

The text of Lingpuran say, Mhashivratri is the day when Lord Shiva originated in the form of Shiv Ling first time. 

One day an argument happened between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu about who is the supreme god. Mahadev appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga which looks like a “pillar of light”. That pillar of light won’t have a beginning and winding point and look like a flame. And Lord Brahma and Vishnu heard the voice from that Jyotirling “OM” and they both are surprised and pleased by seeing that unique thing. That is why Mahashivtari is the day of the Birthday of Lord Shiva when Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Shiv Ling first time.

3) Story related to the Marriage of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati: 

Many Scriptures and Purans tell the story related to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati's marriage to Mahashivratri. Lord Shiva married Mata Parvati in the Triyogi Region of Mandakini in the Himalayas on the day of Mahashivratri. The burning flame since Treta Yuga is proof of this. Those who are getting married here bring happiness in their marriage life. So, Mahashivratri is also celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati.

That is why Mahashivratri celebrates by organizing special fares and Pooja in Trimbakeshwar temple.




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