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Main Areas of Child Development

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Children develop in different ways as they grow older and go through changes physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, which teaches them basic skills such as sitting, walking, standing, as well as building relationships with others.

Children grow very quickly within the first five years, and it is during these early years that you can build a strong foundation as they reach each developmental milestone. These developmental milestones are important as they help parents and doctors to identify any development issues, if any. If you think that your child’s development maybe delayed, you can always consult a children’s doctor in Mt. Gravatt or a clinic close to you and get your child checked by a medical professional.

The five main areas (or milestones) of child development are:

  • Cognitive Development – Cognitive development is the development of skills and knowledge that help children understand their environment. This includes how they process information, how they think, how they feel, determine what is right and wrong, process decisions and problem solving, how they learn new things. Cognitive development has two parts:
  • Intellect
  • Memory
  • Social and Emotional Development – This is a child’s ability to interact with others and to understand and control their feelings and emotions. It includes such things as recognition, expressing feelings etc. These skills begin from birth and develop as they grow into adulthood. Maintaining relationships, self-confidence, self-awareness and empathy are characteristics developed through healthy socioemotional skills.
  • Speech and Language Development – Speech refers to the physical act of talking, even if it is just noises that a baby makes. Language refers to the use of actual words, whether it is verbal, written or by gestures. These are the skills that children develop to understand and communicate with others. This is a very important part of child development, as it helps them build relationships and express their feelings.
  • Fine Motor Skills Development – Fine motor skills refer to the physical skills needed to make small movements with their hands and fingers. This starts at birth. It is important to develop a child’s fine motor skills as this involves exercising the small muscles of their hands and is a development process that leads to good handwriting in the future, as well as drawing, colouring, cutting etc.
  • Gross Motor Skills Development – These are the physical skills required to make large body movements using the head, neck, arms and legs. These skills are required for everything they will need to do as they grow up.

You can learn more about child development from clinics that provide services in child health in Mt Gravatt or anywhere close to your home.


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