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Main Differences Between McAfee and Windows Defender

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What is McAfee?
McAfee is an antivirus designed by John McAfee in 1987. Now owned by Intel since 2011.
This security software is supported on most computers, whether Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Protect your system from various threats such as viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious programs

What is Windows Defender?
Windows Defender is computer protection software developed by Microsoft Windows. Released in 2006.

Software built into Windows computers that protects against malware and acts as an antivirus. Available for free on Windows computers.
It comes pre-installed on Windows computers and is automatically activated if there is no other antivirus software on the computer.

We will know the Mcafee vs windows Defender in the below paragraph.

Main Differences Between McAfee and Windows Defender
– McAfee is a company that Intel acquired back in 2011. Microsoft Windows Defender is also a program developed and owned by Microsoft, but this software's specializing in security protection.
– McAfee is subscription-based premium antivirus software for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and Windows Defender is free antivirus software for Windows computers.
– Being paid software, McAfee has a lot of features for its users, but Windows Defender has some basic essential features such as antivirus software.
– McAfee has less impact on your computer system because it uses less memory and consumes less resources. In contrast, Windows Defender uses more memory and resources that affect your system.
– McAfee excels at malware protection, network protection, password protection, and more, while Windows Defender is best known for its firewall protection.

With new threats such as malware and viruses, an antivirus program is a great way to protect your computer device. McAfee and Windows Defender are completely different and have a lot to offer users. McAfee is a complete antivirus. If users face serious threats and are willing to pay to use premium features, McAfee is a good option in this case.
Windows Defender, on the other hand, is a basic antivirus program. If you have a Windows computer and are happy with basic protection, Windows Defender is a great option for free antivirus. Contact Apps4Rent to set it up on cloud, available 24/7.




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