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The automatic scooter (scooter) Honda Vario is equipped with a high-performance engine. In order for performance to be maintained, the temperature must also be maintained. For this reason, Honda has attached a coolant or radiator system to this injection scooter.

The radiator has a function to cool the engine by absorbing heat through the coolant. This fluid circulates through the water jacket on the cylinder and cylinder head of the Honda Vario. The liquid will flow again towards the radiator. On the radiator, this liquid will be scattered into the small pipes to bring the temperature down. The cooled liquid in the radiator will flow back into the engine area. So, the engine temperature will remain ideal.

The coolant or water coolant generally has a bright red or green color. This fluid is colored to make it easier for vehicle owners to know if there is a leak in the radiator. So, when a leak occurs, the owner of the Honda Vario can tell whether the liquid is oil, coolant, or just a water spill.

Water coolant has a chemical content that is adjusted to its function as an engine cooling system. The chemical content in this liquid serves to increase the boiling point so it doesn't heat up easily and prevents rust. For this reason, do not ever use tap water as a substitute for water coolant to fill the radiator.

For Honda Vario radiator maintenance, it's actually quite easy. It is enough to replace the water coolant regularly or periodically. Replace this coolant if the distance of the Honda Vario scooter has reached 36,000 km. Although the replacement period is quite long, Honda Vario owners also have to check and refill the coolant every 12,000 km.

When going to check or replace the coolant, it is important to do it while the engine is still cold. Do not do this when the engine is in high temperature. Also, don't use any water coolant. Use a coolant that is recommended by the manufacturer. Don't hesitate to ask the mechanic at the official repair shop while servicing the motorbike.


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