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Maintenance of The Landscape 

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You want to hire a professional landscape company to help you with your residential Strata Maintenance maple ridge. In that case, you should be aware of the several services that are available to you.  

Some of the most common services are described below. 

Beds in General Detailing/Maintenance 

This service includes weeding, ground-cover trimming/control, debris removal, spent flower removal, monitoring, and removal of browning leaves and branches. This is an essential service since it guarantees that your yard's curb appeal is maintained all year. In the spring and fall, there is much cleaning to be done. 

General bed maintenance, perennial and grass splitting, bed edging, mulch scraping, and seasonal perennial trim down are all included in this complete cleaning. Once or twice a year, these services are equivalent to “deep cleaning” the landscape. 


Pruning and hedging at the right time are essential for plant health and bloom performance. You can have plants cut at the ideal time for their species by hiring a professional. (Hydrangea is a great example of a plant that professionals or experienced gardeners should only handle.)  

Pruning is a technique for maintaining a plant's shape or size, removing wasted blooms, removing dead or diseased limbs, and encouraging development. The practice of shaping plants into geometric shapes is known as hedging. Both have a big impact on the landscape. 

Landscape Plants: How to Care for and Feed Them (Also known as Plant Health Care: PHC) 

The earth is where plants obtain their nutrition. Some plants are referred to as “heavy feeders.”  

This means that they get a lot of nutrients from the soil.  

Boxwoods are “heavy feeders.” You'll obtain feedings matched to your plants and soil if you include a plant feed/protect programme in your landscaping design ahead of time. You'll also get the disease and pest protection to help you avoid the most common concerns. Examples are black spots, mildew, bagworms, aphids, and other pests. This will vary based on the service package, but it is necessary for healthy plants. 

Lawn Maintenance and Feeding 

Lawn chemical programmes feed the lawn while also protecting it from grubs, brown patches, and fungal diseases. The majority of programmes are made up of five to seven steps carried out at the ideal time of year for your lawn. Turf is affected by weather patterns and water. As a result, they must be examined in conjunction with your grass programme. Additional treatments may be required to address moisture-related concerns during extremely wet years. 



Irrigation System Start-Up/Shut-Down 

Irrigation start-up and shut-down are usually included in most maintenance contracts. While everyone turns on their irrigation system (if they have one) in the spring, not everyone winterizes it. Because the water is not blasted out of the lines, it has the potential to freeze and expand in cold conditions, causing system damage. Repairing the damage is much more expensive than properly maintaining and winterizing the system. A monthly check-in is included in certain contracts to ensure that you're getting the most out of your water. High Prairie's contracts incorporate this aggressive approach.  

By monitoring, we can make adjustments for optimal plant health and see if any repairs are needed. 

Exhibit for the Season 

A seasonal display can include annual flowers for spring, summer, and fall. It could also include festive greens and lighting. These services provide landscapes with a new degree of impact and excitement as the seasons change. 


Depending on the contract, mulching is normally done once or twice a year. Mulch provides a variety of horticultural benefits, including root insulation, weed control, water retention, and its aesthetic appeal. 

Removing the leaves 

Most contracts can be changed to reflect the number of visits a client expects.  

Some clients need one or two every year.  Because their supplier only comes twice a year, those clients' leaves will accumulate between visits. Some customers like up to seven removals per season to keep their property neat throughout the autumn. This option is completely customizable. 

Grass Mowing 

Mowing contracts in the Midwest typically range from 28 to 32 mows. Mowing fees usually include string trimming, edging, and blow-off on hard surfaces. Keep in mind that not every landscaping company offers all of these options. You should take the time to find a company that can provide you with the most important services. You'll get the landscape outcomes you desire if you do it this way. 



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