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Make Alkaline Water in Any Bottles in Minutes

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We love Alkaline Water but our market is oversaturated with many pseudo products with misleading marketing, making it hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not. After analyzing ingredients in bottled alkaline waters which are full of baking soda, and testing many other alkaline products, we discovered that many manufacturers lack the knowledge and science of alkaline water, how their products work, and what they are made of.

GoFiltr was developed to create an ultimate hydration experience without compromise. Originally, it started as our own, highest-quality, personal-use alkaline infuser. After testing over 100 ingredients from multiple sources and manufacturers, we hand-picked just a few as the rest didn’t pass our basic quality tests. We loved our infusers and so did our friends and family, that’s when we got inspired to share our innovative infusers with all of you. By early 2018, we spent more than 12,000 hours developing, refining, and testing our proprietary formula, and preparing to unveil GoFiltr. We never stop improving – we are always searching for new unconventional and responsible ways to create better products, refine the current ones, improve customer experience, and continue innovating on a daily basis as inspired by your feedback.

How it Works

Pick one of 3 all-natural mineral GoFiltr Infuser Water Bottle made in California – Alkaline Original for everyday hydration, Alkaline Magnesium for extra recovery and detox, or sugar-free mineral Electrolyte infuser to replenish what you lose in sweat.

  1. Place the GoFiltr infuser in your favorite bottle and fill it with water. 

GoFiltr starts working immediately, achieving its ultimate power in 15 minutes.

  1. Leave it in & Keep Refilling. 

Each infuser will ionize and alkalize your water up to 9.5pH. Say bye-bye to plastic water bottles. Each infuser lasts up to 3 months / 750 refills – use our free mobile app to automatically track usage and refills and get notified when it's time to replace.

Specification All GoFiltr Alkaline Infusers

  1. Fit Any Water Bottle

No attachments. No modifications. Guaranteed to fit all Swell, Hydroflask, Mira, Nalgene, CamelBak, Klein Kanteen, and other bottles with an opening of 1” (27mm) or larger.

  1. 3 Months or 750 Refills

Up to 3 months or 750 refills. Just 4 cents per refill/bottle. Make more than 90 gallons of your favorite Alkaline or Electrolyte water. Just refill your bottle and drink.

  1. 9.5pH in Minutes

Our all-natural proprietary formula closely replicates the alkalization process found in mother nature’s No baking soda, no cheating, only premium ingredients.

  1. Made In California

All GoFiltr infusers are created in the USA's sunny state of California in small batches. We are a startup company made up of engineers and seasoned experts, and our goal is to build the best everyday hydration while minimizing waste.


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