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You might have heard about buying exclusive beats for sale but tapping on the links you may have found rap beats, hip-hop beats or EDM. What about those who are looking for a nice and suitable instrument for sale to create a podcast? 

Well, podcasting is pretty complicated. Also, these podcast tunes are hard to record, distribute and sometimes even listen to. True that, but it is also hard to find good quality instrumental to match the podcasts too. Back in the days, the quality was often shrugged off supporting the thought that it is what is. However, times have changed and so has the demands of listeners with the up-gradation of technology. So, if you’re concerned about how to make a good audio quality podcast, keep reading. 

What is meant by a ‘Good' Audio?

Good podcast audio can be determined by a number of factors.  For your convenience, we’ve listed a few important ones here.

  1. Each of the speakers you’re using is ‘on the mic’ and it is completely audible when you’re talking.

  2. Each of the podcast microphones is picking vocals and recording that isn’t muffled or tinny. 

  3. Good audio is free from clipping, interference, crackling, wind noise or handling. 

  4. The audio has a low ‘noise floor so that your speech isn’t intruded by any kind of hissing and background noise. 

  5. Even with multiple speakers, the volume levels remain consistent. 

  6. There are no reverbs and echo in the vocals unless you’re recording in a particular environment. 

How to determine the quality of your recordings?

To determine the quality of your podcast recordings, here are three narrowed down things. 

  • Equipment you’re using: having quality equipment is also essential if you want to improve your podcast’s quality. From your microphone, interface, laptop and cables, everything impacts much to the quality. 

  • The environment: not just the room you’ve been recording in, but the buildings around your room, the street and the neighbourhood, all impact the sound quality of your podcast. 

  • You matter too: the mic techniques are also overshadowed when it comes to changing the way you record the podcast. You can also bring bigger differences. For instance, instance, rather than holding your mic, you can place it on the stand or boom arm. Also, try to keep it at an appropriate distance from your mouth. Use a pop shield if needed.

For better results and audio quality, consider some post-production techniques. These techniques are just some of the ways you can make the podcast sound better. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay if you record the vocals clean. Here’s what you can try to create a high-quality podcast. 

  • Noise Reduction: there are mostly two types of noises that can influence your vocals. One, environmental noises, depending on where you’re recording, traffic noises and background sounds of people talking can affect your audio. Two, equipment noise: record gear plugging in, electrical signals and other equipment sounds can also get recorded creating a hissing or buzzing sound. This is often called ‘noise floor or ‘room tone.

  • EQ: EQ or Equalisation is a process to control your audio sound. It helps to reduce or remove certain frequencies from the volume while boosting the sound. 

  • Compression: ‘compression’ to an audio file that brings the loudest part closer to the quietest parts. Also, it can help you achieve a more consistent volume level. 

Make your podcast sound better

Seems like too much work. Yes, it is. But what’s an alternative to making the sound better? The only way to make it better is – buying exclusive beats for sale for your podcast. If you don’t have the time or equipment to learn all the techniques, go to JBZ Beats and look through the Instrumentals for Sale library to find the one that suits your podcast needs. 

Source URL: http://www.jbzbeats.com/instrumentals-for-sale

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