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Pokemon Go has been extremely successful since it’s very first launch. It had easily become the most downloaded application within the first month of its release. Today, even though Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was when it first released in 2016, it’s still faring quite well. It has generated revenue of up to 2 billion dollars and has seen more than 800 million downloads. If you’re one of the people who still like to indulge in this augmented reality game, here’s what you should know about its “Ultra Unlock Week” going live.

Pokemon Go’s Dragon Week is a great opportunity for all it’s players to capture Gible and Deino. These two dragons which are usually a rare find are likely to be spotted more easily this week. The event concludes on August 7th, but that’s not when the excitement ends. The Pokemon Company has decided to host three back to back events for its players as a celebration for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020. When Ultra Unlock weekends on August 7th, it will be followed by “Enigma Week” which will begin on the very same day. The Enigma Week will shine a spotlight on the more enigmatic Pokemon such as Unown, Deoxys, and Elgyem.

What Does the Third Week Bring?

Once the Enigma Week is over on August 14th, Unova Week will take over till the entire set of events finally concludes on August 21st. The third week will focus exclusively on the Pokemon that were discovered for the first time in the region of Unova. You can expect to get a glimpse of the mythical Genesect. Other Pokemon expected to be a part of the last week are Emolga, Cottonee, Bouffalant, and Sewaddle.

How Do You Benefit From Pokemon Go?

Apart from being extremely exciting and rewarding, this game is also good for you. For starters, unlike other video games that promote the couch potato, Pokemon Go takes you outdoors and gets you a good dose of vitamin D. It promotes movement and physical activity as the Pokemon are scattered across different real-life locations. The game has various ways of rewarding you for covering distance. The Pokemon also vary depending on the geography of the location. So you are likely to find a different kind of Pokemon in a nearby park or waterbody from the kind that you would find in your usual urban setting. This encourages the player to explore and interact with nature. It also helps introverts get out of their comfort zones by forcing them into a social setting.

What more reason does one need to indulge in a game? Given the benefits of this game, it’s immersive three-week event is simply icing on the cake. There is a reason this game has remained so popular since it’s launch nearly four years ago.

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