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In this fast-paced digital realm, data is the new oil for businesses of all sizes and industry verticals. You would be amused to know that roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were produced in 2020 alone and if you don't know how many zeros are in 1 quintillion, the answer is 18. If reports were to be believed, more than 180 zettabytes of data will be produced by 2025. Churning out a voluminous amount of data won’t be helpful unless you don’t know how to draw meaningful insights out of it. If your business enterprise is also producing tons of data but struggling to make the most of it, you should consider embracing Microsoft Power BI and say bid adieu to traditional tools like PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. 

Launched back in 2013 by Microsoft, Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics solution that enables enterprises to analyze and visualize data from disparate sources. It comes with a host of data connectors that allow even a non-technical person to connect this robust data visualization tool to a wide array of data sources and create insightful business reports without any coding knowledge. The beauty of Power BI lies in its dashboard’s visual representation that enables users to dive deep into insights and make actionable business decisions in a quick turnaround time. Not to mention, data is analyzed in real-time with Microsoft Power BI, enabling your workforce to make insightful decisions with updated information. In a nutshell, you can establish a data-driven culture in your organization by opting for Power BI consulting services and accomplish desired business outcomes by listening to your data.

5 Key Reasons to Consider Power BI Implementation in Your Business

#1 Easy Integration with Existing Business Applications

When it comes to adopting Microsoft Power BI in your business, you don’t have to worry much since it easily integrates with your existing business environment and applications. This enables your workforce to quickly get their hands on this powerful data visualization start and start analyzing business reports without any hassle. The automated and advanced tools of Microsoft Power BI can be leveraged to embed data reports on the dashboard for making better business decisions.

To make the most of Power BI, you don't have to make any changes or replace anything in your business since this robust cloud-based business analytics tool can be easily adapted to your business environment. This is something that makes it stand out from other data visualization tools available in the market. Since integrating a new tool could take you off track if you need to make a substantial revamp in your business environment. 

#2 Quick Data Analysis

Gone are the days when statisticians or data scientists used to invest a significant amount of time in drawing out actionable insights from data. With the advancement in technology and the advent of robust data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI, data visualization and analysis have become a breeze for users. Given that business reports can be showcased on the dashboard, users can draw out meaningful insights from large datasets by simply glancing at bar graphs, pie charts, diagrams, treemaps, etc. The metrics associated with interactive and visually appealing graphics empower your workforce to quickly analyze data and make informed business decisions. 

#3 Personalized Dashboard

When it comes to data visualization, Microsoft understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, therefore it allows users to customize or personalize the dashboard tailored to their unique business requirements. Since the Microsoft Power BI dashboard can be easily customized, users can arrange the workflow or tools in a way that caters to their needs in the best possible manner. Not to mention, the BI dashboard comes with a host of features enabling your workforce to get anything they need for drawing out actionable insights from the business reports. 

In Power BI, a single page is called canva wherein users can highlight business data for representing reports. Also, users can easily pin data tiles on the canva to design a personalized dashboard as per disparate datasets available at their disposal. This makes it easier for users to adapt to Microsoft Power BI.

#4 Cost Saving 

Unlike data visualization tools that require you to shell out a whopping amount of money, Microsoft Power BI is a cost-effective investment for businesses of all sizes. When you go for the Power BI Pro version, you'll get limited features along with various Azure cloud functionalities. On the other hand, if you opt for the Power BI Premium version, you'll get a host of features and all the benefits of a pro version. The best part is both the version prices are quite reasonable and even a small business can afford it with ease.

Another advantage of adopting Power BI over other data visualization tools is that you can cut down on the high upfront costs. With Power BI, you don't need to pay any licensing or support fee. You have to only pay for monthly subscriptions. Using the Power BI tool, you can analyze the data and make informed decisions to skyrocket your business revenue without burning a hole in your pocket. In a nutshell, Power BI allows you to analyze your business data in a cost-effective manner. 

#5 Innovating Continuously

Another advantage of adopting Power BI in your business is that this data visualization tool is evolving incessantly and offers modern features and functions that help users make informed business decisions. Microsoft rolled out the update of Power BI on a monthly basis. With this cloud-based data analytical tool, you are rest-assured to make actionable business decisions that are in tandem with the latest market changes. 

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Power BI is a one-stop-solution for all your data analysis and visualization needs. With this data analytical tool unveil actionable insights hidden in your data and empower your workforce to make confident decisions in a quick turnaround time. To unlock the potential of this robust tool in your business enterprise, it’s strongly recommended to get in touch with a reliable Microsoft Power BI partner that has rich expertise and hands-on experience in Power BI implementation.



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