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Make your EV experience better by installing an EV charging point

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Since the use of EV vehicles is becoming a norm, the demand for charging infrastructure is growing. This is the biggest challenge EV users face, which can be the reason for consumers not committing to EVs. Although the federal government is taking action to install multiple EV chargers, that becoming a real scene has a long time to go. But since you have already invested your hard-earned money on your EV, you sure have to keep using it.

As you are in need of power now, there is no need to rely on public charging stations all the time when you can install an EV charger at home to keep your car powered up whenever the need arises. If your level 1 charger is not enough, hire EV charger installers in Kent to install a level 2 EV charger for you, which requires a special installation procedure that you can't do yourself.

What's involved with the level 2 EV charger?

Your level 1 EV charger can power up your vehicle in any standard 120-volt wall outlet which comes with your electric vehicle. However, the charging takes time, even though you would not have to deal with any extra costs associated with vehicle charging installation in Ashford, Kent and no professionals are needed to set up the charging system.

But if you want to use 240 volts of electricity charging for faster charging time, professional EV charger installers in Kent can be more helpful, enabling you to use a Level 2 EV charger. This installation process needs to use a double-pole circuit breaker where two 120-volt buses would be attached at once to double the circuit voltage and the use of a 4-strand cable, which should be insulated and secured to prevent any damage to your electrical systems.

Why hire professional EV charger installers?

A reliable EV charger installing partner has certified installers who are licensed, insured and screened. Your vehicle charging installation in Ashford, Kent partner would handle any permits and inspections required; they are able to follow best practices in the industry and comply with local building regulations and manufacturer's guidelines.

Therefore, professional EV charger installers in Kent would be able to deliver the highest level of safety and installation quality due to their skills and access to the right resources. Rather than following any DIY process, hiring professionals would get your work done more efficiently at a competitive price.

EV charger installation partner would start by giving you an upfront price estimation as you give information about your home's layout and electrical panel. If you decide to move forward with their service, the expert installers will come to your home as scheduled and simplify your shift from fossil fuels to sustainable, electric-powered EV use.  



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