Make your stay at Australia a Pocket-friendly one with an Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Is Australian Education a part of your bucket list? Apply for admission in one of the best university? Or, you are already living there? No? May be planning for a trip to soak the beauty of the country?

Whatever the reason may be, it's essential to get an Overseas Student Insurance! An Overseas Health Insurance lets you enjoy every moment of your Australian student life, without any stress, as it continually backs up your medical expenses during your Australian stay.

Besides if you are a student, it is mandatory to buy an OSHC Australia if you are not a citizen of Belgium, Norway and Sweden. Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with 11 nationals, including the countries mentioned above, i.e. Belgium, Norway and Sweden. The residents of these countries enjoy a free or subsidised facility of Australia's health care system, popularly known as Medicare.

If you have finished studying and wish to work temporarily in the country, you can purchase an Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC). If your 485 visas don't have a valid health cover, now's the right time to get it. You can pay a monthly fee to make sure your family and you're safe. Remember, you have to maintain a policy for your entire stay in Australia.

With access to more than 460 private hospitals, OSHC Nib has a network of health-care centres throughout Australia, to say the least. Worrying which is the best way to buy an OSHC policy? Visit and compare the wide range of plans and choose the best one.  

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Written by Krina Patel

Taking precautions before you fly to a new country is an absolute necessity especially when you’re alone or have a family that depends on you.

GetMyPolicy with this purpose has introduced an online platform where an individual can Compare and Choose among the widest range of OSHC or OVHC policies from Government-approved Health Insurance Providers like AHM, Allianz Global Assistance, Australian Unity, Bupa, Medibank, Iman and Nib.

Visit and you can select on which visa do you need a Overseas Health Insurance Policy, the date and the cover type. Compare the differences between all the plans on the basis of the waiting periods for pre-existing conditions, price, benefits, doctor’s fees etc. Choose the plan that best fits with all your needs and budget.


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