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It could be challenging to provide comprehensive information all at once if you have never used a moving business prior. What is the better question to ask to gain a clear picture of all fees and charges? The concerns you have ahead of time will determine whether your potential transfer is successful. Together, let's prepare.


Making a list of all the facts you'll need to provide in advance is the best method for conducting the conversation with a manager over the phone. Unfortunately, without viewing the actual condition, it is often impossible to provide a specific pricing estimate over the phone.

Your primary responsibility is to provide as much information as you can on any potential obstacles that can cause the moving process to stall. As a result, you may waste your money. A crew might not have enough movers or the right tools to handle big furniture or appliances, which would prevent you from finishing your project in a timely manner. You shouldn't be embarrassed to inquire if wrapping supplies are included or if tax is included in your rate in order to have an idea of the approximate cost of your move.


Imagine that you received a number from a moving company in Perth but are unsure of what to say. Use this list freely as it can help you save a ton of time and money.

  • The exact date. A manager needs to know your preferred moving date in order to provide you with a specific estimate. You may be aware that certain moving firms offer discounted pricing on specific days of the week or month. For this reason, it's crucial to inquire about availability and expected costs.
  • How big your house is. The size of your home or flat should be described roughly. The number of bedrooms and the square footage are the ideal arrangements. This helpful information will enable someone to challenge the ideal workforce for your position. The more information you provide, the more accurate the rate you can obtain.
  • Where it is. It is crucial to keep in mind that a moving company may charge more for the driving, petrol, and destination between the pick-up and drop-off locations. While providing complete addresses is not required, you should always provide at least zip codes.
  • Should you require our packing services? Additionally, if you don't want to pack boxes by yourself, let them know. First of all, asking such a pertinent inquiry will enable you to learn whether there is a charge for the service. Eventually, you'll be able to estimate the total cost for any necessary boxes or wrapping supplies.
  • Specific details. If you want to relocate a large refrigerator, you don't need to inform the moving company. Such items can be moved by skilled professional moving firms. It only matters if you have a gun safe, pool table, piano, or other item that needs extra care while being transported. Include information about the amount of stairs, whether or not there is an elevator, and the number of storeys. If you have any large items, you should find out if the truck has a lift gate.



In order to serve clients, every moving company needs to have a license and insurance. Requesting a copy of the certificate will allow you to double-check all positions. You can also obtain a copy of the contract to review all of the terms in advance. You should determine if the building needs to give special permission for your project. Normally, in order to use the lift, a moving business must have $1 million in insurance coverage.

In conclusion, you should always prepare for your move in advance by posing the appropriate questions. As a result, it will assist you in avoiding several issues including financial loss or damage. Please call OZZIEE MOVERS in Perth, and one of our supervisors will handle your move.



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