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Male Counterattack Manual [Quick Wear]

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Wu Yilun wants to play the role of the woman who was shot lying down and felt inferior, but when he found out that the woman was trying to improve herself in order to confess to “herself”, he also secretly began to lose weight, study hard, keep fit, and finally stood up when the woman was most helpless. After talking about the attributes of the invisible man, Duan Qingen said to Wu Yilun: “Get ready. For the shooting effect, you really need to lose weight and keep fit.” Wu Yilun:?? Duan Qingen glanced up and down at Wu Yilun, whose face was full of “you're ***ing teasing me”: “It's about a month and a half from the start of shooting. You can eat all the things you wanted to eat before but were afraid of getting fat. Anyway, even if you're fat, I can make you thin when shooting.” “No, I'm just shooting a scene. How can I really come here?” “I can't help it. Too many plots happen when men and women are working out.” Duan Qingen patted Wu Yilun on the shoulder: “You can, can't you?” Wu Yilun:.. Don't do to me what you did to Youyou. “Hey, I said, how can you be so partial, arrange a male God role for Youyou, usually sit and play cool, or use lip service to encourage the woman to lose weight, how can I have to work out to lose weight?” Duan Qingen: “Fat water does not flow into the fields of outsiders.” “Those are all my own fields. I think I can play the role of a male God. Look at my brother's appearance and figure. Is it not enough for a male God?” The elegant director looked at Wu Yilun with a thoughtful face. You are not bad in all aspects, but you still have a shortcoming. Wu Yilun turned to look at Xin Youyou, who was watching the play in silence,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and snorted: “Although I have a good relationship with Youyou, I really can't see where I am worse than Youyou.” “Especially this is a man, my home court!” Xin Youyou was used to playing with Wu Yilun, and he immediately looked at Duan Qingen, “Duan Dao, I also feel that it is better for me to play the role of male God than to let Wu Yilun play it. He is more or less a man, always better than me.” Duan Qingen shook his head: “You two, Youyou is more suitable to play the male God.” No,Coil nail machine, why, can he be more like a man than I am! You are partial! Xin Youyou was also playing, but when he heard Wu Yilun's words, he immediately smiled dreamily and looked at Duan Qingen expectantly: “Duan Dao, you are really partial to me.” As soon as she said this, her cell phone text message sounded. Xin Youyou took out his cell phone to read text messages. The result is a strange number, click on a look, the content is very unfriendly. I know Duan Qingen likes you, but do you think Duan Qingen really likes you? He just sees that you are young and beautiful, and when you are old and decrepit, he still kicks you away! If you don't believe me, let's meet and I'll show you the evidence. Xin Youyou:? Duan Dao. Like her? Her eyes lit up with excitement after she was confused. The small fans of Duan Dao in the back were directly ignored, and the focus was completely on the first sentence. Aidou likes her?! Ah ah! Duan Qingen, sitting opposite Xin Youyou, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail machine manufacturers, glanced up at Xin Youyou with an inexplicable face full of excitement. Yes, that's right, I am eccentric. Xin Youyou: Ah! Ah! Ah! Duan Qingen: “You see, Youyou's eyes are not very big, and her nose is not very straight. At first glance, she looks good, but when you look carefully, she looks like a man. Come on, you see, is her mouth bigger than her face?” Xin Youyou, who is immersed in Aidou's love for my young beauty: “Huh?” As soon as Wu Yilun saw the smile in Duan Qingen's eyes, he knew that he was deliberately teasing people. He coughed a few times and nodded to Xin Youyou: “That's true. Youyou's appearance is really more suitable for me to play a man.” Xin Youyou: “…” Duan Qingen nodded and said to Wu Yilun with a serious face, “There's one more thing. You can't compare with Youyou.”. ” Said, he pointed to Xin Youyou: “Youyou flat chest, do you have?” Wu Yilun looked down at his big chest muscles, then looked at Xin Youyou's flat, half a second later, suddenly burst into a burst of earth-shaking laughter. Hahahahahahaha I didn't I didn't!! “Qing En, you're right. Youyou is not so beautiful, and she has a flat chest. She is really more suitable for playing a man than I am.” In this wild laughter, Xin Youyou opened his cell phone with a wooden face. Angrily typed a line of words. [Rumor, make up the lie that Duan Dao likes me, you are not afraid of being struck by lightning, pull the blacklist!!!] Very not easy to find out Xin Youyou phone, carefully worded for a long time before sending a text message, full of confidence, such as Xin Youyou full of fear to ask who Yan Qu received the text message. She smirked and clicked. A second later, Yan Quqi threw his cell phone to the ground. Psycho!! Chapter 54 I am a great director (14). Yan Qu's alienation did not cause any splash in Duan Qingen's life at all. Duan Qingen's life is still going on step by step, auditioning for new movies, looking for actors, pulling sponsorship and doing publicity. Yan Qu is worse. She received a summons from the court. Duan Qingen accused her of stealing. How much money did the script make? How much did Duan Qingen want her to pay. Even if Yan Qu is rich, where can he afford to lose all the income earned by a popular TV series. Even if it is not bankrupt, I am afraid it will have to be weighed. She wanted to appeal, after all, there was no such thing as stealing the script, but Ba also admitted the charges directly and pulled her into the water. He even volunteered to be a witness so that Yan Qu, who betrayed him, could not get any good results. Yan Qu also thought not to lose money, but she did not lose money, will go to prison, she is still so young, good years, how willing to spend in prison. Eventually, she had to grind her teeth and sell her assets. By the time it was all over, Yan Qu was already the same as Ba Yiran, with no money, no reputation,Nail machine supplier, and no resources. Then, having lost everything, she put the bill on Ba Yiran. How else to say that time is a reincarnation. 3shardware.com


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