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Organizations rely on multiple apps to carry out their day-to-day activities. Whether it is social media management, accounting, customer service operations, lead management, marketing or email processing, firms use a dedicated platform for each of the processes.

Since most of these software are not integrated, it limits an organization’s ability to consolidate work. This poses several problems like lack of communication, delay in decision making, and repeated data updating, and application switching.

If your business is also facing hassles in project/process management then consider leveraging monday.com — a comprehensive project management tool. It can be integrated with more than 60 work software including Slack, MailChimp, Jotform, Trello, Shopify, and GitHub.

Adding monday integrations gives firms the ability to access multiple apps on a centralized interface preventing the need to switch apps now and then. Moreover, it allows team members to be aware of the latest update on a project. Since team members are up-to-date, it decreases the chances of delays which adds to user efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Integration with monday.com solves most of the project/process management hassles. Here are a few areas where integrations can be beneficial for organizations:


Firms use tools including Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Linkedin, Mailchimp, Microsoft teams, Slack and more to communicate with team members/customers. With this, it becomes difficult to keep a note of every inbox message, email, and notification. By using monday.com workflows, teams can connect inbox, transform emails into actionable items, and align users to stay connected. With unified app access, users can plan actions on social apps, communicate with team members/customers and be aware of campaign performance.

Customer Support

Customer support of an organization performs various activities including collecting data from survey forms and engaging potential buyers on various platforms. With zendesk-monday integration, you can connect the support team with product engineering and sales teams for unified data access. Similarly, with Jotform integration, you can gather the collected data from Jotform forms to monday.com boards for better lead capture and payment collection. Other integrations that could be used for more comprehensive customer service include SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Clearbit.

Marketing Operations

Better customer engagement, lead conversion, and decision-making are the top goals of every marketing team. However, since teams do not have a centralized marketing strategy, they are not able to fully achieve their set targets. With monday integrations, firms can align sales and marketing data, pull leads, manage advertisements, share posts on social media and do much more. Some of the popular marketing software that can be integrated with monday.com include Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Linkedin, and Mailchimp.

eCommerce Management

If your eCommerce store is built on Shopify, WordPress or WooCommerce, then you can have better store management using monday.com. By integrating the eCommerce portal or CRM with monday.com, you can have a unified view of product inventory, orders, payments, etc. While Shopify, WooCommerce and Eventbrite are some of the best eCommerce-monday.com integrations, you can consult with your integration partner to know the other add-on possibilities.

Software Development

Monday.com can also be integrated with software project management tools allowing teams to track the status of projects and collaborate with in-house/offshore developers for project assistance. There are various integrations that one can consider including thub, Jira Server, and Jira Cloud. Jira integrated with monday enables teams to identify and resolve bugs directly from monday’s interface instead of logging in to Jira accounts. Similarly, Gitlab integration allows teams to keep notified of product releases, track phases of development, and resolve issues in software development.

Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce, Cooper and Pipedrive are some of the popular CRM tools that can be integrated with monday.com. By integrating existing CRM with monday.com, teams can keep track of all happenings be it related to customer response, orders, payment, leads, etc. Moreover, the advanced analytical and visual representation capabilities of the platform make it easy for teams to view data in a comprehensive manner that helps in better decision making and business management.

Workforce Management

Integrating monday.com with workforce management tools enables firms to keep track of employee hours, payments, spendings, invoices, pending tasks and other work activities. While integration with Harvest allows you to get a detailed insight into project costs and employee work hours, Stripe integration allows you to manage payments through monday.com. Similarly, Toggl integration enables you to manage the time spent on all the work activities centrally through monday’s UI.


To have a unified view of projects, processes and data, businesses should integrate their software/apps with monday.com. monday.com integrations enable firms to break data silos, automate processes, manage projects centrally, engage with customers quickly and customize the workflow for better outcomes.



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