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Managed Secure WordPress hosting, Secure and Reliable.

Managed WordPress hosting for your blog or website. We provide secure and reliable wordpress hosting. With BigBirdWeb you can make sure about fully managed support no matter its 2AM or 2 PM. We are known for support system and uptime guaranty. Why go for custom shared hosting when we are giving best optimized wordpress hosting with free jetpack professional plugin and yosta SEO pack.

Enjoy India’s #1 wordpress optimized Hosting with our feature-packed hosting plans. Every wordpress hosting comes with free ssl, SSD cache disk space. No need to search google for every wordpress problem, a professional dedicated person will help you all the time.. We are strongly recommended for our support, check out our reviews. We handle your wordpress, care for them and make sure they are well managed just like you. So that you can focus only on content.

Speed-Up Your Site With The Fastest WordPress Hosting

No one can overstate the significance of a fast website. Users expect websites to load in a few seconds or less. A longer loading time can result in a decline in client satisfaction, a rise in bounce rates, and possibly revenue loss. A slow website might be a big disadvantage in the competitive environment of online content.


Pre-installed plugin | Superior Performance | Dedicated Support


Offer auto applied in your payment page. This offer only applicable for yearly, biennially and triennially plan. Contact us if any question.

Best WordPress Hosting

Buy Managed WordPress hosting at Bigbirdweb is best platform to maintain your website or blog. WordPress has secure dashboard admin panel which gives your many option to design your website or writer for blog.You can check WordPress main website to find more information about what is wordpress hosting. We’ll install any themes, plugin for you. We’ll make you are 100% comfortable with our WordPress hosting. Each plan comes with latest PHP(7.5+) , php selector, free domain,php.ini access wordpress hosting, free domain, unlimited bandwidth and much more.

SSD Cloud Storage

Multiple PHP Versions

Fully Managed

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Free Website transfer

White label IP address

24/7/365 Managed Support

Free SSL Certificates

21 days money back

CDN Premium Network

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SSD-Powered Speed, Advanced Caching Mechanisms, And More

BigBirdWeb, the fastest WordPress hosting, uses Solid State Drives (SSDs) to speed up data access and minimize loading times in order to optimize website performance. The hosting solution makes sure your WordPress website runs smoothly and gives users an optimal browsing experience. To decrease server load and speed up content delivery, advanced caching techniques are used to ensure quick loading times that improve the user experience and search engine rankings. Furthermore, BigBirdWeb easily interfaces with content delivery networks (CDNs), strategically distributing the content of your website across several servers across the globe. This connection further solidifies a seamless and effective online experience by optimizing loading times for visitors regardless of their location.

Premium Tools, Themes, And Plug-Ins

The hosting from BigBirdWeb provides an easy-to-use interface with features that streamline your workflow. These tools include simple installations and intuitive content management for hassle-free WordPress site management. With our selection of premium themes and block tools, you can enhance your site’s functionality as well as its appearance. Access to professionally designed themes and tools from BigBirdWeb improves the visual appeal of your website and encourages more interaction from users. We make sure you have the best WordPress experience, so we offer Yoast and Jetpack Premium licenses at no charge. Jetpack enhances the functionality and security of your website, and Yoast is a powerful tool for content optimization that will help your site rank highly in search engine results. These extra features add up to a complete hosting package. They enhance your WordPress website with powerful licenses, attractive themes, and easy-to-use tools.

Advanced Hosting Infrastructure And Security

The world-class infrastructure behind BigBirdWeb’s fastest WordPress hosting is built for unmatched performance and dependability. We have servers full of modern technology, which guarantees optimal performance for your website. Our proactive approach to security ensures that threats are prevented from infiltrating your website, resulting in a safe online space. We prioritize speed and security, so we make sure we have a hosting solution that enhances website performance. Further, we guarantee strong security against potential threats and offer users a seamless and safe online experience.


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