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No one wants to groom their pubic hair. Wait, everyone come back! I DO groom my balls, but it is always a process that includes using a razor or some clippers and worrying about how many times I will cut myself down there. Plus, there are always the questions such as how smooth should I make them?

What lines should you follow? What if you have a lot of leg hair? And what about that happy trail? It’s happy, right? So, should I keep it or get rid of it?

There are manscaping experts that can help you make the perfect decision for your balls and you can truly find them and trust at alexspot24.com. Now, the truth is, I actually got tired of all the questions and all the worry about shaving my balls and I decided that I would try going for a balls and anal butt waxing.

Then, I met my pubic hair executioner and he had me in a position that Winnie the Pooh would be proud of, shirt on and nothing on below my waste. I was up on a table, vulnerable, but Alex had me comfortable in moments. It wasn’t like I was so comfortable that I wanted to take a nap or anything, but I was comfortable, to a point. Then I looked over and wondered what those big pots were? Were they cauldrons of warm wax? Regardless of what was around me, I knew Alex was a recommended specialist and that he would take good care of me. He made me feel that we were old friends immediately, you know, old friends that occasionally have an old-fashioned let’s see whose dick looks better contest, but

old friends nonetheless! 🙂

He asked me what I was looking for and I had signed up for the men’s Brazilian, Boyzilian, Guyzilian, Back, Sac & Crack or, also called, a Manzilian, but I wasn’t sure that I would actually want hardwood

floors. I have a good amount of leg hair and some hair on my chest and other parts of my body, so I didn’t want my body to be covered in hair and it to look like my balls were a land that puberty forgot to visit!

Alex suggested that I would trim up the top but that he would use waxing on my ball-taint-ass area. He knew just what he suggested, and he grabbed a pair of trimmers and with dick in hand, he started trimming my area. At that moment, I was actually feeling comfortable! Alex told me that most of the clients, which are mostly males, have three concerns when they are getting a Manzilian for the first time and they are first, does it hurt? Secondly, will they get aroused during the process and third, does it matter about penis size?

Yes, a Manzilian process could be a bit sensitive, but surprisingly, once the wax is removed from your balls, it gets easier! Getting the balls, butt and everything in between waxed was surprisingly comfortable and the whole process was done super-fast! I was a human weathervane for only about half an hour, too!

Once I was finished, something crazy happened. When I walked around, I realized how comfortable this new “look” was. I didn’t have a whole lot of hair down there before, like I wasn’t smuggling a pair of Gremlins in my shorts or anything. I kept myself trimmed pretty good, but this was way better. I felt lighter and it felt like it was almost airy down there. I realized that in about four or six weeks that I would forget the razor and make my way back to that little house and disrobe once more. I was a convert!

I’m not saying that having our balls waxed is the best thing to do in the world, but I am saying that if you find yourself in New York that you should look up this awesome guy named Alex and let him do his thing to your thing. You will be amazed!

Men Get Real About Getting Manzilian’s

When asked why these men choose to get their balls and butts waxed, they had a story that could win any

trimmer over!

Man 1: I was telling my girlfriend that she was wimpy because she always complained about getting her

body waxed. Of course, it was a good joke until the joke ended up as a dare! I had to go get waxed to

prove to her just how wrong she was about all of the pain!

Man 2: I was always shaving my whole area because I liked the short and groomed look, but I wasn’t

getting what I really wanted and got tired of stubbles. I would get rashes down there because of razor

burn and I figured that if I would try waxing. I didn’t think much about the balls but the other areas down there.

Man 3: My girlfriend told me how much she loved when I groomed down there. I wasn’t that hairy, and

I would save and clean my area. I wondered how she would like me to be all bare and smooth and she said she wanted to see it. I always wanted to please her. And she commented about my manzilian waxing:

WOW… You Look Good!

What Was Getting a Manzilian Like?

Man 1: A little warm and sensitive, but I liked it!

Man 2: I didn’t really feel much. I liked that my girlfriend was surprised about it. She really liked it!

Man 3: I actually did it again because I loved the results the first time. It’s nice not to have to worry

about shaving your balls and other parts that go with your package. The balls weren’t the worst part


Tips for Getting a Manzilian:

• Take a couple of Advil about 20 minutes before the session. This can make the waxing session

much easier.

• Use FDA approved topical numbing creams to stop the sensation.

•Did Your Partner Like Your Manzilian?

Man 1: Hell, yeah! People go crazy over a smooth butt and shiny balls!

Man 2: When I had this done, I wasn’t dating anyone but people who I slept with seemed to like it a lot

and make a lot of great comments!

Man 3: Yes! She freaking loved it! Guys, if you want to give her a present, she will remember forever!

That’s it! Kidding? No, I’m not!!

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