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Marble Worktops to Create a Luxurious Kitchen


Marble Worktops to Create a Luxurious Kitchen     


Marble is one of the most historic and beautiful stones on the market. Its popularity began in ancient Rome and Greece, as these people highly used marbles for their building monumental structures and their interiors. They still hold the same value as they did in the past, some 2000 years ago. In the present day world, marbles are in high demand for making modern buildings, floors, cladding stones, walls, kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, bathroom claddding, facades, undermounted sinks, worktops marble for professional settings, marbles for flooring etc.



Marble is a metamorphic rock, made of calcium carbonate. It is geologically a lime stone that has been transformed under extreme heat and pressure deep under the earth’s crust over millions of years. It is rock-solid, yet it is a soft stone, more delicate than other stones like granite which is regarded amongst one of the world's toughest materials. 


Marble worktops comes in a variety of stone colours and patterns. In fact, marble is among the various natural stones that are regarded highly for their exquisite beauty. Mined in quarries of origin countries like Italy, India and Spain, there is  a high demand for its export from multiple nations, so they are largely exported with careful shipping. Italy, however, is known for its best quality marble and the ones excavated there like carrara marble and  marble calacatta are one of the most popular ones in the market today, amongst homeowners, architects and designers. Especially preferred for marble worktop, bathroom claddding, and fixtures like sinks and clocks, the demand is on peak among the Europeans. 

Desirable Qualities:

Marble Kitchen Increases the Value of Home

attractive marble

People adore natural stone countertops. It is an attractive material that can help increase the value of your home. Marble kitchen worktop have a classic look that will never go out of style.

Marble Countertop Offers Spectacular Beauty

Marble's elegant appearance is one of the reasons it is still in high demand for countertops. This igneous stone has a stunning colour display. Solid white marble, solid black marble, and a variety of stone colours in the pink marble, yellow, grey, green, white, and black. And since no two slabs are alike, you'll have a one-of-a-kind worktop for your home.

Marble has a Unique Appearance 

No two pieces of Marble are identical. They might be of the same primary colour or have similar veins, but they are still going to have their differences. Even if you get the same colour as your neighbour, Marble is always going to be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Marble Surface Stays Cool

marble surface

Marble is a naturally cool material. It has a high thermal mass, which means it can quickly absorb and transfer heat. It also takes a long time to heat up due to its thickness and large surface area.

That's important if you're a baker who prefers to roll out dough on a cool surface. It also becomes suitable for homes in hot climates. It's the best material for rolling pastry dough because it absorbs heat and keeps the dough cool.

Points to Remember to Maintain your Marble Stones for Kitchen:

Avoid Acidic Cleaners on Marble Kitchen Countertop:

acidic cleaners

Since marble is highly porous, acid, bleach, lemon-based cleaners, and vinegars can all discolour the marble so they are to be avoided. There are no special products required for cleaning marble surfaces. One can simply use a damp microfiber cloth, dish soap, and hot water.

Unique Marble Slabs are Porous and needs High Maintenance


It's not really heat resistant, scratches easily, and may chip if a heavy stockpot is accidentally smashed against it. If you have marble countertop for kitchen, use cutting boards and exercise caution when cooking acidic foods like tomatoes or lemons, as they may react and etch the surface . To avoid etching and scarring, choose honed marble with a matte finish.

We have a wide collection of marble slab in different patterns and stone colours to suit all kinds of personalities, for all kinds of kitchen. We also provide you with the quickest installation and fabrication service, all around the UK and Ireland. Choose one and get your quote now. Send your enquiries here.



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