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The corona crisis is taking a lamentable toll on our lives around the world and keeps the economy in trouble. We, humans, are personally insecure, we worry about our health, we worry about our loved ones and we wonder what will happen in the future. Major industry events and familiar sales and advertising channels such as trade shows, vendors, retail, and point-of-sale promotion have been left out and join our Web development company in Lahore.

Since mid-March, I have been regularly discussing with the managing directors which online marketing measures are currently the right ones. Some companies are planning to use digital advertising, while others are taking advantage of it and are stepping up their digital marketing efforts. In this article, I summarize my personal experiences and tips for you and your marketing during the Corona period and join our Web development company in Lahore.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the marketing, media, and advertising markets?

Of course, all sectors directly affected by store closures and contact, travel, and exit restrictions are currently bleeding – such as restaurants, travel agencies, and many others. In the sectors least affected, it is striking that the corona's losers are mainly those companies that have not yet pursued a clear digital strategy and come to our Software House in Lahore at Nomad's Tech.

Software House in Lahore

Necessity is the mother of invention :

I hope that you have been spared by Corona in terms of your health and career and that you are optimistic about your chances. I will now show you some personal examples, tips, and approaches on how skillful communication can help you overcome the crisis.

Corona's Marketing Tip # 1

Every evening at 9 p.m., many city residents see strangers on their balconies clapping together in solidarity for all those who have helped in the crisis. Despite the social distance, a whole new sense of community is created. I saw a good example of marketing that shows how companies in need can use our desire for “community and solidarity” in my immediate environment and visit Nomad's Tech which is based in Lahore and it is a digital marketing agency and also a Software House in Lahore.

Managing Director Kai Lohr Engel has been running the wine merchants and restaurant vini diretti in Cologne for 20 years. The small Italian restaurant makes a living from its customers and above all from selling wine to private customers and from the gastronomy of Cologne. A large part of its turnover has completely disappeared since the ban on contact – the restaurant has had to close the wine orders of the restaurant owners and visit our Software House in Lahore.

Thanks to the network of contacts he has built up over the years, he has many direct contacts with his B2B and B2C customers. For example, he has informed all customers, through electronic newsletters and social media, using a moving video, that vini diretti is in need and needs the help of all customers and learn Web development company in Lahore.

Marketing effects of the video newsletter and social media videos for the wine bar :

Her call for help was very well received as more than a hundred people shared her video and ordered vouchers and wine via the online store.

Digital Marketing Tip #2

The German clothing manufacturer Trireme is a good example of a rapid reaction to changes in the market. The company reacted extremely quickly to the Corona crisis and stopped producing T-shirts for protective clothing. This information was disseminated through public relations and TV commercials. And the German cult company also shows online how it works.

Trireme gives intelligent answers to current Google search queries

Due to the shortage of protective clothing, the volume of Google searches for topics such as “Make mouth guards you” is currently growing. The graph below, taken from the Google Trends tool, shows the rapid increase in this search query and join our Software House in Lahore.

Nomad's Tech Digital Marketing Tip #3

Although fall trade shows, sales, local events, and face-to-face meetings have been eliminated as marketing channels. However, this leaves you time to try new advertising channels: Webinars are an online marketing format that is often underestimated and learn Web development company in Lahore at Nomad's Tech.

Since half of Germany works from home, you may be able to train potential customers or prospects in your field. The offer of online courses, webinars, and digital training courses is currently expanding. And with good reason: thanks to webinars, live streams, and top consultants, you can establish business relationships with other companies and join our Web development company in Lahore.


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