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Marvel’s Avengers will be the best upcoming games of 2020. The American video game company, Crystal Dynamics is going to launch Marvel’s Avengers game on September 4, 2020. The story behind the game goes as follows. There is a day when Modok, who is supposed to be the main villain against the Avengers, has taken control, and the Avengers have to reunite to defuse his plans of defeating superheroes.

In this game, Crystal Dynamics has introduced a feature of the campaign as well as multiplayer modes. From the option of ‘War Table,’ you will be given access to the single-player campaign. You will also be able to access the Hero Missions along with War Zones through the ‘War Table’.

The Beta Plans

Beta access will be provided to the pre-ordered games. The Marvel’s Avengers beta version will be released in stages and is expected by August 7, 14, and 21. Let us discuss these three stages.

  1. August 7 – PlayStation Advantage Pre-order Beta: According to the advantage given by the PlayStation, people who have opted for pre-order will be able to access it before anyone else will get access.
  2. August 14 – Open Beta: The second version of the beta is going to release on August 14, 2020. It will enable the PS4 users to access the game because of the PlayStation Advantage partnership.
  3. August 21 – Open Beta: On August 21, 2020, the beta will be available for all the other PlayStations.

This game is also introducing a new member of the team of Avengers. Earlier, there were Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Black Widow, but this time Hawkeye has also been added to the team Avengers. It includes various tasks and missions. At the starting of the game, there will be a demo of A-Day, and after that, you will find the boss battle, Missions, Zones, etc.

The Marvel’s Avengers game will enable the Hero Missions. They are very important for a single-player mode of the campaign. There is another mission, which is known as the Olympia mission. In this mission, you need to look for ‘Jarvis,’ and you will be along with Hulk and Ms. Marvel.

The next mission will be ‘Missing Links,’ where you have to travel to Russia along with Hulk to find and solve the secrets of the SHIELD.

In the HARM Room Challenges, you can practice your gaming skills and make them stronger. It will help you in clearing further missions. HARM stands for Holographic Augmented Reality Machine. HARM Rooms have been created to train you virtually with the help of this simulator. It makes your gaming skills better and makes you clear further missions.

The game also includes ‘War Zone’ missions. In these missions, humans need to beat the villains or AIM according to the Marvel comics. The total number of Beta War Zones for playing will be five. There will be both short and lengthy War Zone missions. Another part of the War Zone is the Drop Zone, where you will have one objective, and you can increase the power of your player.

The Progression

Even though there is a lot more to explore in the beta version of the Marvel’s Avengers game, there is a lot more to come, which is on the way. When the complete version of this game is available in the market, it will include all the superheroes in the team of Avengers, Hero missions with more features, more War Zones, more Drop Zones, and many features to explore. In the beta version of Marvel’s Avengers, 15 is the maximum Hero Level, and 45 is the maximum Power Level. This game allows you to carry forward your progress to the next available versions.

Post-Beta plans

The developers of Marvel’s Avengers are planning to upgrade this game up to the maximum level by adding more excellent features to the game. There will be a new boss in the game as well. The new characters will have new outfits, unique powers, and excellent skills. In short, the developers of Crystal Dynamics are working to make this game as original as they can. They have tried their best to add maximum unique and attractive features to the game. For example, if you clear three HARM room challenges, you will be awarded.

Also, the duration of the game depends upon you, which mode or mission you are selecting. The duration of the game can be in between 20 minutes to 2 hours. Marvel’s Avengers game also allows upgrades for free. Fans are waiting for the advanced version of the beta.

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