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Mason Bees: Products you can buy to help them

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The mason bee is an extremely important pollinator for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, their population has been severely reduced because of the use of pesticides. You may have heard about the plight of the bees and the terrible hole that their disappearance is causing in our ecosystem. However, did you know that the Mason bee is an excellent replacement for the bees that we are losing? It is a hardy bee that is native to North America and will gladly take up residence in your garden. Therefore, you can help save the bees and at the same time, have a head start on your neighbors. While you are at it, you can buy a Mason bee house or two to help better prepare for their arrival. This blog is dedicated to helping youIn this blog, you are going to learn about some products you can use to bring the mason bee population back to sustainable levels.


  •  The problem: why saving the mason bee has become necessary.


Bees are vital to the ecosystem because they pollinate many of the food plants which we rely on for food. However, bee populations have dwindled drastically in the last decade and there are several reasons why that is. One of the biggest reasons is the use of certain pesticides and herbicides. The farming industry has used these chemicals for years, but the trend has changed in recent decades to an increase in the number of chemicals used. Not only are these chemicals polluting the land, water, and air, but they are also killing off the bees, who are sensitive to certain chemicals like neonicotinoids. 


  •  Products you can buy to help protect the bee.


Bees are pretty important, we know that. But what do you do if you don’t have a garden, or don’t have the time or money to commit to bees? Well, there are a few things you can do that will help protect the bees, and you don’t even have to be a bee lover to do it. You can start with a bee sanctuary. A bee sanctuary is a hive that is placed in your yard or garden that is for native bees. It doesn’t house honeybees, but the native bees that are already in the area. This is a great way to help those bees, and it is super easy. You can also donate to conservation groups that are actively working to help protect the bees.


  • How to help save the mason bee: some ideas to help you get started.


Mason bees are declining. Mason bees are solitary bees, and they make their nests out of mud. These bees are important pollinators. The biggest problem that solitary bees are facing is habitat loss. They don’t live in colonies like social bees do, so it’s harder to make sure that their population is stable. Solitary bees pollinate flowers, and they provide an important service to our ecosystems. Solitary bees are responsible for pollinating many wild plants, which means that they help food grow. They are especially important in the spring, when social bees are still dormant. In the spring, many plants that you see in your yard are pollinated by the mason bee, because it’s the first pollinator to come into bloom. You can help save mason bees by making sure that you plant bee-friendly plants in your yard.

Conclusion: Most of us wouldn't know what a mason bee was if we saw it. Let's change that. If you are interested in purchasing products to help with the Mason Bee Conservation, check out masonbeesforsale.com. They have a wide selection of products that help with the conservation and protection of these important species.

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