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Massage therapy offers therapeutic healing in different ways and at different levels. While this may seem like a pleasant luxury to many, it is actually a very effective tactic for improving well-being. This discipline has gained popularity for various reasons and for many groups.

Reasons for the rise in popularity include:

– Doctors are increasingly aware of the relationship between mind, body, emotions, and spirit. They realize that therapeutic touch techniques help with healing and immune responses. Many practitioners, both naturopathic and traditional, include massage techniques in their prescriptions. Even health insurance companies approve sessions with certified masseurs as prevention and treatment measures. Body Massage in Dubai Investment Park

There is a lack of human contact in our society. Social norms of full license plates, deadlines, movement, and hours of work on the computer often lead to a lack of proper contact with people in the lives of many people. Even the elderly and young children may not be touched to meet their physical and emotional needs. Elderly people are sent to nursing homes because their families are too busy to take them home to care for them.

Young children and babies hide in kindergarten in the middle of the world of daily work. Even in the best of situations, educators, kindergarten staff and teachers are too burdened with too many children to support them all enough. Some even received instructions from their employers not to “touch”. There are studies on “growth retardation” that show how children in orphanages literally withered and died due to inattention and did not hold on to the shoulders that nurture their hands. It has also been shown that lack of physical contact helps reduces serotonin levels and depression. Many psychiatric health care providers now prescribe daily doses of human contact as medication.

– Stress is loaded to maximum power: stress is not only uncomfortable. He is a murderer. A constant barrage of chemicals to fight and escape can cause serious diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Stress holds back the immune system just like tobacco products and should have a warning label similar to those on cigarette boxes. Massage can relax muscles and the whole body. This can release these stress-induced chemicals that become toxic if stored for too long.

Types of massage therapy:

– Swedish: Swedish technique includes long, smooth rubbing movements created by masseurs in Sweden. This can be a great relief for sore joints and sports injuries.

– Thai: This style includes yoga movements and Ayurvedic principles in massage. This is an ancient method that began in Thailand.

– Hot stone: In this technique, flat river rocks are heated and placed in certain areas of the body to help in the process of relaxation. It has gained popularity in stylish resorts across the country. Massage Center in Al Satwa

– Deep tissue: Some massages focus more on the superficial areas, while others, such as deep tissues, focus on deeper muscles. Many people prefer this method, while others like a softer touch.

– Acupressure: a combination of acupuncture and pressure massage. This method determines the pressure points.

Massage therapy has existed for many years. He is alive and well today.


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