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We know that due to pandemic situations, which have unsettled day to day moving society. The students' education is affected majorly, because of lockdown all the schools, colleges and institutions are locked. To fix this and make the continuity of students' studies easier, everyone is moving to online platforms.

Here comes the Tutor Service App as a solution for teachers and students. This E-learning stands to provide the proper education to all the students in their homes. These types of tutor apps are already developed in many institutions that provide education to their students. 

Now every parent is ready to give smartphones to their children for the purpose of studies. So, it's easy to get your tutor business to everyone's home. By using this application an instant response can be received by the students from their teachers. Courses related to students' education are also available in the application.

How Does A Tutor Service Software Work?  

Tutor Service Software simplifies both the accessibility of teachers and students. This is the best platform for tutors to get in touch with their students.

  • The registration can be made by the tutor themselves on the mobile application. They also need to upload the required documents related to their profession and certification for verification purposes.  

  • Once the submitted documents are verified by the admin. Then the requests by the students are visible for the tutoring service providers. 

  • As per the tutor's convenience, they can accept and reject the request received from the students.

  • Apart from the online teaching, the tutors can also visit students' places for teaching, which is as per the request given by their students. Hereby live tracking the student’s location the tutor can reach the accurate destination. This In-built navigation helps in on time reach.

  • Instant payment can be made by the student to their teacher or tutors just by using the application with integrated payment modes.

  • The ratings and reviews can be submitted by the tutor for the students and about the teaching session completed. 

Must Need Features Of Tutor Service App!

Tutor Service App’s Students Login

An Effortless Registration:

Enrollment of students can be made by using their Google ID, Apple ID, Facebook ID, and Mobile number. On the completion of registration, students can search for tutors with the plenty of choices available with the application.

Finding Tutors:

The tutors can be chosen by the students based on the specific subjects and courses. Many filter options are available to select the tutor as per their experience.

Checking Of Tutor Details And Reviews:

The students verify and check the tutor profile with the experience details and the reviews given by the previous students who have attended the class with them. This helps the students to compare the tutor with other tutors for choosing the best one for their education. 

In-App Conversation:

Through the application, both tutor and the student can make a conversation related to their courses and class. Students can easily clarify their doubts on the subjects with their tutor. 

Feedback Submission:

The Students can submit a rating and review for their tutor with this option available within the application. This helps other students who are ready to request a new tutor for their classes.

Notification Alerts:

This Features will be a part of receiving the notification alerts about the scheduled class timing, availability of tutors, newly launched course details. Offers provided for the courses, etc…

Tutor Service App’s Tutors Login

Profile Creation:

The tutor can register to set up their profile by using their mobile number and must submit the document of their expertise subject, experience certificates, educational certificates, etc.. for the verification purpose.   

Request acceptance:

The request is given by the students for the courses, which can be acceptable or rejectable as per the tutor’s availability.

Class Scheduling:

The tutor can schedule the class date and timing for their students and that may be notified to their student through the application. 

Assignment Allocation:

Tutors can allocate the assignment and other tasks related to the course through the application to their students. 

In Short,

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