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Mastiffs are gentle giants that would be great pets for children because of their favorable temperaments and friendliness despite their breed size. Mastiffs, however, require early training and proper socialization for a couple of reasons:

  • They have heavier builds than other breeds their age even while still puppies, making them quite more difficult to handle after they become rowdy and playful. Having them undergo obedience training would help them behave better and follow commands allowing you to manage them easily with proper training. Mastiffs also have plenty of pent-up energy and would need enough positive avenues for mental and physical stimulation to burn the excess energy

  • They are not outdoor pets and would make themselves at home in an apartment or house around their owner. However, if left for a prolonged period, they might develop separation anxiety and exhibit a destructive attitude.

Your local veterinarian Boulder, CO is a valuable resource when it comes to issues that affect your pet’s health and behavior.


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