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Maxus Jpmorgan Chase V80 Have Features

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Numerous other in view of a drive, and after purchase takes on the basic of the homegrown business vehicle different body, V80 and general like a vehicle, yet necessary bar no body, such not just vehicle weight all the more light, for the decrease of vehicle's gravity is additionally exceptionally supportive, and, hence, the roadway, the space is elite execution to get advanced; simultaneously V80 actually USES the lead antecedent, be useful for motor compartment and group lodge of sound protection between sound decrease.

The economy of the business vehicle very client is consideration issues, so V80 embraced started from Italian VM innovation 2.5 dislodging diesel motor, this kind of diesel motor has turbocharged, high tension normal rail direct infusion, etc numerous ongoing diesel motor standard innovation, as per the different set-up, 88 kw and 100 kw two adaptation (which the school transport conveying the most force of diesel motor for 100 kw), all can arrive at the IV discharge standard.

V80 there have been positive, predisposition, tumbling, and so forth PengZhuangXing test vehicle, and simultaneously after the touch, segments, Point and contact the accident test, can say in body latent security test, V80 in all actuality do have exceptionally set up now, and furthermore further checked body wellbeing on the dependability of the plan.

V80 school transport depends on V80 long wheelbase form of the top (wheelbase 3850 mm, body level 2345 mm) innovative work and become, as indicated by the current public principles, and draw examples from euramerican the school transport, V80 school transport do nearly a directional plan.

AMT transmission is in the manual transmission in view of a bunch of the electric actuator, to finish chosen block, the shift and grip division of mix of/activity, so it is likewise has high transmission productivity and economy, simultaneously, the weight is light, for power hold itself is definitely not a decent vehicle is exceptionally suitable. Changan the AMT transmission by chongqing palace top give coordinating, apply to deplete forerunner stage, greatest info force 85 dairy cattle · m, the heaviness of the transmission of a total arrangement of just 34.6 kilograms, and the transmission of weight ordinarily arrived AT this one of twice the AMT transmission.Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves

By and large, V80 school transport, vehicle side tumbling trial of type is a decent outcome, not just fulfill the public guideline of living space, turned on side entryway, and so on, and the prerequisites of the 43 ° Point side tumbling likewise are a lot higher than the standard high 35 ° (from one viewpoint, on account of bring low focus of gravity of the body space, then again suspension of the great help likewise guarantees vehicles in the lodge when will not on the grounds that side suspension unnecessary pack and lead to vehicle upset ahead of time), and the general exhibition is good.


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