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Comparing the two most popular small compact Japanese cars Mazda2 vs Honda Jazz seems like a no-brainer. The cars are almost similar in design, have similar general attributes and functionalities, and share some of the same safety, ride and handling qualities. 

However, there are some key differences between these vehicles that could be worth taking note of. This article will focus on three specific areas that affect consumer perceptions of these two cars based on their styling and general design:

Mazda2 vs Honda Jazz: Appearance And Finish

They have clean lines and subtle body finishes and they are both generally very pleasing to the eye. The clear advantage that the Honda Jazz has is the bigger, less sporty design whereas the Mazda 2 is more family car in style.

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The two cars are equally attractive. However, the styling of the two vehicles varies greatly. The Mazda2 is clearly more appealing by a clear margin when compared to the Jazz. The Jazz's more sporty overall design seems to suit it better. The on road performance is similar but the cars both excel in terms of maneuverability.

Mazda2 vs Honda Jazz: Handling And Performance 

The cars both handle similarly despite having different engines. Both cars are reasonably well handled in a similar fashion. However, the Honda Jazz has marginally more grip when driving fast. 

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Both the cars have similar power plants. The Mazda has got a slightly larger motor that is able to provide power from low revs to high revs. Meanwhile, the Honda Jazz has got a bigger motor that can provide power from high revs to low revs. Both the cars are using motors that use gasoline as its main fuel. The only difference between the two cars is that the Mazda has got a petrol driven motor whereas the Honda Jazz has got diesel fuel injected into it.

Both the cars are good driving machines. However, there are noticeable differences between the cars in terms of handling. The Mazda 2 has got a large step over in order to fit the larger sedan type. On the other hand, the Honda Jazz has got an easy-going and comfortable ride with a larger step over. Both the cars are comfortable driving but the Focus has got better grip on tight turns while the Jazz has got better handling on moderate to tight turns.

Both the cars have got similar upper and lower control rates. The Mazda has slightly higher turning radius and the Jazz has got slightly lower turning radius.

Mazda 2 vs Honda Jazz:  Running Cost

The running costs between the two vehicles are almost the same when comparing the fuel consumption. Both cars use a similar amount of gasoline during the commute. Both vehicles use the same number of horsepower.

Mazda 2 vs Honda Jazz:  Fuel Consumption

The diesel engine of the Mazda 2 burns more fuel than the power plants of the Honda Jazz. The Mazda 2 weighs slightly less and has similar dimensions as the Honda Jazz. The total fuel consumed by the two vehicles is almost the same when comparing their overall weights.

Mazda2 vs Honda Jazz:  Verdict

Overall, both the cars are great vehicles. They are using similar body kits. However, there are some significant differences between the cars. The best way to choose which one is best for you would be to take a test drive. 

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