Many antivirus products are available on the market, and it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. McAfee and AVG antivirus have been in use for decades and are clear leaders. But which antivirus product would be better for you? In this post, we will compare the two antivirus products in terms of features, system performance, user interface, malware protection, price, and more.

In the digital world, antivirus software is an important requirement as it will help to protect your private data from various malware threats such as viruses, ransomware, worms, Trojans, exploits, and rootkits (all collectively called ‘malware’). In this comparison of McAfee vs AVG antivirus, you will find out which product is better for your device.

McAfee vs AVG Antivirus: Overview

McAfee is known for its ability to scan the files we download almost in real-time. This antivirus uses a feature called McAfee Advanced Threat Defense to perform scanning. McAfee specializes in Android systems. It also has the usual malware detection and anti-theft features to protect identity. It also offers a firewall that can be considered inferior to the AVG firewall but is still commendable in its ability to protect the system.

McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Security are the two packages being sold. The McAfee Total Security plan includes all the features, including a network manager and parental controls, using which children can be protected while surfing the Internet. The McAfee LiveSafe is similar to the other plan, admitting that it offers 1GB of cloud storage. McAfee products also come with a money-back guarantee, which promises a complete refund or removal of malware if it exists.

On the other hand, AVG expanded as Antivirus Guard, an efficient antivirus recently gaining popularity. AVG offers a range of services at a slightly higher cost than its counterparts. It specializes in finding viruses and ransomware.

It performs routine tests and checks quickly in the background. It scans your computer when it’s not used to perform its work efficiently. It can pass through the entire system without putting too much strain on its performance.

It can also scan email attachments and block suspicious or malware-containing attachments. AVG is also known to help encrypt a file and password protect it. It has an advanced firewall which is vital to protect the device while shopping online. AVG also has a camera trap feature, which catches a person who fails to open the device after three attempts.

AVG provides additional security via the Anti-Theft feature, which protects your identity. It offers extra protection to one’s identity by encrypting the webcam to stop hacking and subsequent recording without the person’s consent.

AVG’s customer support is great. Customers can contact customer service via email and training and get them on call. In short, AVG offers a complete box.

McAfee vs AVG Antivirus: Key Features

Good antivirus products should have many useful features, and this section discusses McAfee and AVG features.

In addition to providing great protection against various malware threats, McAfee Total Protection also offers an advanced firewall, file shredder, and encryption utilities. The network manager and vulnerability scanner are also part of it.

Mcafee Login
Mcafee Login

The kit has parental control, social media protection, and many computer optimization tools. To deliver online security, McAfee offers the WebAdvisor browser extension. It keeps you away from malicious websites, protects your online experience, and scans all downloaded malware.

Another antivirus software suite provided is McAfee LiveSafe. This has everything tucked away in a “full security” suite and 1GB of secure cloud storage where to store personal files.

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AVG Antivirus Free protects against various malware threats, but other than being a useful file shredder, it doesn’t offer advanced security-related features or other utilities.

Mcafee Login
Mcafee Login

AVG Internet Security provides excellent malware protection as well as an advanced firewall, anti-spam function, encryption module, and WiFi protection. The AVG Internet Security License offers 1-year protection for unlimited home devices.

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AVG Ultimate is the company’s top antivirus software. It has everything in the “Internet Security” suite, plus AVG’s advanced tune-up utility, anti-theft function, and auto-update programs.

AVG comes standard with basic antivirus protection. Also, to install the AVG browser during the installation procedure. AVG Browser uses the same basics as Chrome but has private security, ad-blocking features, and a built-in password manager.

McAfee vs AVG Antivirus: Major Differences

McAfee and AVG are well-known products, two of the best options to protect your operating system. Let’s learn more about them to see where the difference lies.

The major difference between both products is that AVG offers more security features. In the case of McAfee, to take advantage of the additional security features, you’ll need to use extensions. AVG can detect different types of malware than McAfee.

AVG is compatible with office systems because it can be downloaded remotely to one computer and then added to other computers in the office so quickly. Also, it works as an antivirus for phones with the help of the AVG app. This free app protects against ransomware or malware by hiding phishing websites and suspicious links.

McAfee vs AVG Antivirus: Price

Package         First-Year Price Regular Price
McAfee Total Protection (Individual) $29.99 $79.99
McAfee LiveSafe $39.99 $119.99
AVG Internet Security $49.99 $89.99
AVG Ultimate Security $79.99 $119.99


McAfee is a superior antivirus product overall, thanks to its great features, impeccable security and system performance, and customer support. AVG also includes its advantages, especially since it’s a free offering, but McAfee holds the edge regarding premium packages.

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