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The 1515 Meaning of the Day is an annual holiday that falls on February 14. This is also the day that commemorates Columbus' voyage to the new world. Columbus is considered as the first European explorer that set sail across the sea using the “New World” as his route. He is said to have experienced a religious epiphany when he sighted the land of Puebla on the morning of his voyage. Because of this, he named it “Puerto diagonale” or “land of the sun.”

This famous explorer and scientist have become an icon for many people. Because of this, the meaning of the day has changed over time. Some people believe that the origin of the name is a reference to his discovery of a new world. Others believe that the meaning of the day is a celebration of his trek into the heavens.

Regardless of which view you take, the significance of this newly discovered land can be traced back to the month of March. On that date, the king of Spain and his crown were burned alive in a pyre for being guilty of spying for England against their country's crown. As a result of their deaths, the two crowns were carried away by Columbus and remained in Mexico. Now, they are commonly referred to as the Monarchy of Mexico.

Two weeks after their disappearance, Christopher Columbus returned to Spain with all the other settlers. Once there, they renamed the land New Spain. The locals called it “Cortez” since it was better known to them as the name of Christopher Columbus. A year later, on the celebration of Puebla's fiftieth anniversary, this name had changed to Morelos. This marked the beginning of the name Cortez.

On this day, people all over the world observe a candle-light ceremony to celebrate the significance of the day. In most parts of Mexico and in the Caribbean, this gathering is called La Bandera de Puebla. In most of Central America, a similar gathering is called El Comercio del Valle. These celebrations usually start with a Mexican song or dance routine and end with a fireworks display in the evening.

Because of its significance to Christopher Columbus and Spanish colonizers, the name of the island that bears his name also has a deep meaning. Some people believe that this name meant “captivating water”. Others hold to the idea that it means “beautiful water”.

According to some stories, this was actually the chosen name of Columbus' first wife because it was better that she had a different name. The Spanish pronunciation of her name was Corazon which is also Cora for the goddess of water. Cora didn't like the idea that her husband is taken for a fish and hence she changed his name. Some historians also believe that her marriage to Columbus was arranged. On the other hand, the true story is that she simply wanted to get away from Spain because of her divorce from her husband.

Whatever the case may be, the meaning of this name has a deep one for Columbus as well as the rest of the Spanish explorers. If you want to look at your next name, you can use the 1515 Meaning of Name too. Just type it into Google and see what results come up. You might be surprised to find out what other names mean exactly the same. You can also use the online search engines to find out more about your name.

The meaning of your name may be “land of many waters”. This can refer to both the physical land that you live on but also to the emotional union or relation with the people of that land. In fact, the relationship between you and your native land can form a sort of spiritual bond. It was common for Native Americans to have spiritual ties with the other tribes of their community.

When you are choosing your spiritual side, you do not necessarily choose what is written on the cross or on the gravestone. You choose the person that is in your heart. So if you have a Christian heritage, it would be a good name for you. If you have a spiritual beliefs based on a particular culture, then it would be appropriate too. However, if you do not share any of those values, you can go with any of them that you find appealing for a person, however unusual they may sound.

Another interesting meaning of your name is “king over the water”. This would indicate that you were the leader of some kind of tribe or group. You were expected to be a leader, as you were the one who had been delegated that particular role. In many Native American communities, it was a sign of respect and honor to have this particular name. One of the most famous of these is the Tall Man's outfitter, which means “king over the water”. Many people like to use this title when they are fishing in an outback setting because it gives you an opportunity to act as a leader and make a difference.



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