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Most people think of red amaryllis when they think of the flower, although many different hues are available. There is meaning behind each of these flowers.

Red Amaryllis

Crimson amaryllis represents passionate love and longing. The kind of love we're talking about here isn't the kind you feel for your best friend on the playground but the kind you feel for your significant other.

Red poinsettias have long been associated with the holiday season, particularly Christmas and other winter celebrations.

White Amaryllis

The white amaryllis, like many other white flowers, is a symbol of innocence and purity. That's why you hear it played at so many weddings and funerals.

Pink Amaryllis

In contrast to the red rose's romantic connotations, pink amaryllis represents platonic and humorous affection. These are excellent choices if you want to cheer someone up and show them they have your support.

Purple Amaryllis

In Western culture, purple amaryllis symbolizes aristocracy and high regard. Sending purple amaryllis to a professor or boss is a great way to show appreciation.

Amaryllis and the Holidays

Amaryllis are slowly replacing poinsettias and pines as the go-to plants for Christmas decorations. There has been a new trend toward using red and white amaryllis as winter decorations.

Humans may control the flowering time of amaryllis since the plants are cultivated from bulbs. The first step is to artificially induce dormancy in the bulbs. Once dormant, they are kept in a dry, cold place. Just put them somewhere warm and give them plenty of water to get them to blossom.

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