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With several organizations round the world intensely betting on programming for his or her everyday endeavor, the requirement for giant business level applications, sites, and servers has become apparent. LAMP and MEAN are 2 of the foremost fashionable development stacks. And even though they consider totally different technologies for backend languages, server surroundings, and databases, there has been loads of rivalry regarding that if the 2 is best.

What is LAMP?

LAMP could be a set of software system subsystems that are combined to perform tasks while not dependencies on external software system or information. It’s the short type for UNIX system, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. LAMP works as a bunch of software system programs that permit seamless and swish integration with one another, therefore turning into one in every of the foremost potent platforms for internet application development.

Its elements include:

  • Linux (Operating System)
  • Apache (Web Server)
  • MySQL (Code Managing the Database)
  • PHP (Programming Language)

Historically, LAMP has been the foremost reliable and extremely effective platform to develop internet apps at the enterprise level.

What are the pros and Cons of LAMP Stack


  • One of the best edges of victimization LAMP is its widespread support. The PHP and MySQL backend techs are noted by several and supports many hosting suppliers. Therefore, you’ll be able to host all over and access the foremost sturdy CMS engines.
  • Since LAMP stack is an ASCII text file, interactions between end-users and therefore the supply may be modified to suit the developer’s wants.
  • PHP and MySQL programs are straightforward to understand, and thus, they create LAMP convenient for beginners. This is often as a result of its readying is seamless because it uses PHP as Associate in Nursing APACHE module and facilitates uploads PHP files through MySQL info.
  • The non-blocking structure of the LAMP makes it a lot of climbable and quicker to develop.
  • For distinctive requirements, developers will customize modules victimization the LAMP stack.


  • This internet stack solely supports variants UNIX system software system.
  • LAMP makes it formidable to switch between PHP or Python and so use hypertext mark-up language or JavaScript.

What is MEAN?

MEAN may be outlined as a software system bundle that stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Operating along, these software system programs helps to change the online development method. The core strength of MEAN stack is in its centralization of JavaScript as its primary artificial language. 

Each part during this internet stack is written in JavaScript and therefore the info stores information in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. This implies that JS isn’t solely used as a client-side scripting language however additionally within the entire application, that will increase productivity. Its integral elements include:

  • MongoDB (data persistence)
  • Express.js (server-side application framework)
  • Angular (client-side application)
  • Node.JS (server-side environment)

MEAN Stack helps to develop apps that ar climbable, flexible, and protrusile, that makes it the perfect candidate for cloud hosting.

What are the pros and Cons of MEAN Stack?


  • The main reason why most developers get pleasure from victimization mean is that the use of one language (JavaScript), that permits shift between the shopper and therefore the server easier.
  • With MEAN, you’ll be able to produce straightforward ASCII text file solutions which may be accustomed develop sturdy and rectifiable applications.
  • It permits period of time demonstration of apps.
  • It is cloud compatible. With cloud functionalities turning into Associate in nursing integral a part of fashionable websites and apps, the MongoDB in MEAN permits you to develop, test, and deploy those functionalities with abundant ease.
  • It’s efficient and time-conscious.


  • MongoDB may be ideal for little and mid-size applications, except for large-scale applications, it may doubtless result in loss of knowledge once networking partitioning happens.
  • Express.js provides poor isolation of server from business logic. This will curtail the reprocess of bound services like batching operations.
  • It becomes difficult to travel back to the recent approach once you develop the primary website victimization MEAN Stack technology.

Differences between LAMP VS MEAN Stack

TechnologyLAMPMEANProgramming Language(s)PHP, PERL, PythonJavaScriptDatabaseMySQL (RDBMS)MongoDB (NoSQL database)ServersApache Webserver is used to
host HTTP files,
Perl for
programming language,
and MySQL for databases.Node.js is the server that runs your application.

A large community of individual and company contributors and sponsors back the technologies within the MEAN Stack and therefore the MEAN Stack itself. There are programmers, experts, everyday people that have worked on one in every of the technologies within the past. Once you are unable to write a nasty piece of code, they’re the individuals you request facilitate from.

Both software system development stacks are about to still play a crucial role within the development of internet applications for years to come back. However, the last word selection for your start-up can come back right down to the use-cases and business priorities for the app that’s below development.

With a powerful wage and tremendous growth opportunities, MEAN Stack is here to remain. Developers during this field usually go on to figure as technical architects. MEAN is unquestionably the much-needed technology of the long run. MEAN STACK is one among the trending programs that each developer wishes to master. 

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