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Cancerians have Mars ownership in their fifth and tenth house, signifying study, children, and career, respectively. The Mars transit will happen in their ninth house, about luck and fortune.


This period will make them more spiritual, and they will want to visit some religious places. They will also want to gather knowledge related to spirituality and other mysterious subjects.


Your relationship, especially with your father, will improve, and you will also have some favors from his side. Some natives might also receive their ancestral heritage, which would bring them more stability. The natives will feel more generous, and they will be making charities often.


Students will find this time favorable as they have support from all directions and progress academically. This period will improve their focus and have a firm grasp of subjects. They will want to devote time to studies and complete all the assignments on time. This will also earn them recognition from the teachers, and they will be an inspiration for others.


You will also be doing well financially as the period is fruitful and will pave the way for more wealth. Those traveling or the real estate sector will especially experience the goodness of this transit. They will be earning more clients and expanding their business with ease. Luck will be on your side; hence all your endeavors will be fruitful.


Remedy: Wear a red jasper or a red tourmaline bracelet in your right or dominant hand. You can also wear a ring in copper or asht dhatu on your ring finger.




Leos have the Mars lordship for their fourth house, signifying happiness and comfort. It also rules their ninth house, representing fortune. However, Leos receive the ill or good benefits of Mars based on its position in their chart. During this transit, Mars will remain in the eighth house for the natives, which is a house of sudden events.


The bad effects of Mars will lower the vitality of the individuals, plus they will not feel energetic. During this period, they should be careful since bruises and accidents are indicated. They should also practice a decent speech with the family members; they can be a part of a cold war.


You should be extra careful while talking to your dad; it is better to talk less and avoid arguments.


Leos should check any documents thoroughly before putting their signature. It would be better if they do not proceed with any new planning or implementations; let the period pass and try again. If you are employed somewhere, there is a chance of bitterness with your boss. You need to maintain your image and reputation at the workplace by communicating and behaving well.


Remedy: Offer red lentils at Hanuman Powerspot on Tuesdays. This will remove obstacles from your path.


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