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Medical Gases and Equipment Market To Witness Huge Growth By 2033

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According to Regional Research Reports, “the Global Medical Gases and Equipment Market is projected to reach USD 37.96 billion by 2030 from USD 18.90 Billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 7.60% from 2022 to 2030″.

This report provides comprehensive market estimation information concern to the total valuation that is presently accounted for by this industry and it also includes segmentation, companies’ analysis along with the growth opportunities and trends present across this business application. This report also provides the effect of the recession, Inflation on the market, sanctions, and trade war between various countries. This report can provide the estimation and suggestions of various organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and others. In addition, it Includes profitability charts, SWOT analysis, market share, and detailed information on the regional spread of this business. Moreover, the report analyzes the insight into the current market position of prominent players/companies in the competitive landscape of this market.

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Key Market Drivers:

  1. Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases: The rising incidence of chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma, and sleep apnea is driving the demand for medical gases and equipment. These conditions often require oxygen therapy or respiratory support, fueling the growth of the market.

  2. Technological Advancements: Advances in medical gas delivery systems, including the development of portable oxygen concentrators, digital flow meters, and integrated monitoring devices, are enhancing the efficiency and safety of medical gas administration. These technological innovations are attracting both healthcare providers and patients, driving market growth.

  3. Growing Demand for Home Healthcare: With an increasing emphasis on home-based healthcare services, there is a growing demand for portable medical gas equipment that allows patients to receive treatment outside of traditional clinical settings. This trend is expected to contribute significantly to the expansion of the market.

  4. Aging Population: The global aging population is more prone to chronic illnesses and age-related conditions that require medical gas therapy. As the elderly population continues to grow, there will be a higher demand for medical gases and equipment to support their healthcare needs.

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Major companies and vendors included in the Medical Gases and Equipment Market are:

  1. Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
  2. Praxair Inc.
  3. L’Air Liquide S.A.
  4. Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
  5. Atlas Copco AB
  6. Linde plc
  7. SOL Spa
  8. GCE Holding AB
  9. Messer Group GmbH
  10. Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.

(Note: we include the maximum-to-maximum companies in the final report with the recent development, partnership, and acquisition of the companies.)

Comprehensive Market Segmentation:

By Type

  • Medical Gases
  • Pure Medical Gases
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Helium
  • Medical Gas Mixtures
  • Blood Gas Mixtures
  • Lung Diffusion Mixtures
  • Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Mixtures
  • Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Mixtures
  • Laser-Gas Mixtures
  • Aerobic Gas Mixtures
  • Anoerobic Gas Mixtures
  • Ethylene Oxide/Sterilant Gas Mixture
  • Cryogenic Products
  • Equipment Accessories
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Manifolds
  • Regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Hoses
  • Valves With Integrated Pressure Regulators (VIPRS)
  • Medical Air Compressor
  • Others

By Application

  • Therapeutic
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Research
  • Diagnostic
  • Other Applications

By End-use

  • Hospitals
  • Home Care Settings
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
  • Academic & Research Institutes
  • Emergency Services

By Region

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • South America
  • MEA (Middle East &Africa)

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Competitive Landscape:

  • Fragmented and consolidated companies Analysis
  • Key purchased and sold globally, 2018-2021 (Estimated)
  • Best optimization path in research
  • Tier 1 players and Tier 2 players
  • Recent Developments, partnerships, and acquisitions in the market
  • New Entrants and startups In Global Market

Report Key Takeaways:

  • Industry Trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities covered in the report
  • Neutral perspective on the market performance
  • Recent industry trends and developments
  • Competitive landscape & strategies of key players
  • Potential & niche segments and regions exhibiting promising growth covered
  • Historical, current scenario, and projected market size in terms of value
  • In-depth analysis of the market

Explore Full Report with Detailed TOC Here: https://www.regionalresearchreports.com/table-of-content/medical-gases-and-equipment-market/HC-1445

Objectives of the Study:

  • To provide a comprehensive market analysis
  • To give a review of negative and positive factors impacting market growth
  • To analyze and forecast markets and the overall market around the globe
  • Historical and current market scenarios around the world.
  • To record and evaluate competitive landscape mapping- technology advancement, In-depth analysis market


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