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Meeting destination of personal growth with Dr. Taryn Marie

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The life is all about allowing yourself to be at your very best. Dr. Taryn Marie believes in the potential of every visitor to her. She shares real life stories from her personal life like she did not have confidence in her own abilities and now the art of resilience has made her ‘a people person’.  A correct inspiration provide you opportunities where your sit with people of your like-mindedness in an auditorium with hundreds of like-minded people, absorbing the words of a powerful speaker.

Deeply knowing yourself

Deeply knowing yourself is the main element to build support for you. You can go for a test that can open your eyes for your capabilities. She explains that how stepping outside of her comfort zone, getting comfortable, getting uncomfortable was key for growth and development. Each time she challenged herself, she built another molecule of confidence. She says that your confidence can also began to accumulate with each day passing by adopting above-mentioned personal strategies for development that does not cost anything.

It is a continuous journey, to let believe in yourself and understand the extent of what you can achieve. It is mind-blowing education from a professional who grew up with undiagnosed dyslexia and a series of traumatic experiences in high school that left her with two decades of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Look, how smartly she overcame and set an example to grow where your dreams can’t.


The element of resilience


The third and final element is the notion of resilience. She says that people flourished when they are introduced to challenge hidden in their sub-conscious mind. When challenges change, and complexity inevitable arise, your energy bounce back forward and it remains constant for a long time.

Her own experiences built wide educative platforms for stressed people

She has developed “Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People” the behaviours that all of us can engage in to effectively address a myriad of challenges in our daily life, both large and small. She shares her experiences of seeing patients with brain and spinal cord injuries when they were admitted to the hospital. She met with a striking note that often her initial diagnosis on a person’s rehabilitation was often wrong. Sometimes the patient did better than she thought. Sometimes worse than she thought, That motivated her to start a big movement for resilience – the factors that help or hinder people as they face challenge. Dr. Taryn Marie deserves a big applause to breaking the complexity of resilience seemed complex into simplicity. It has driven many practitioners to add new therapy for their patient.




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