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Meghalaya- Abode of Clouds-Capture A Trip

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Meghalaya is a state in North-East India and is said to be paradise for nature lovers. With its picture-perfect location with Himalayan Mountains in its backdrop, this state offers lush green valleys, picturesque lakes, captivating waterfalls and dark caves and serene atmosphere, the state's tourism industry has seen many visitors from around the world visiting this picturesque land.


Meghalaya package offers an ideal environment for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.


It has been called the Scotland of the East, with its beautiful location and plenty of opportunities for adventure.


Shillong is a city in the Indian state of Meghalaya. The capital of Meghalaya, it is situated about 95 kilometres from Guwahati, India's largest city in the neighbouring state of Assam. The British imperialists discovered this unexplored land and it was given the name of Shillong.


Meghalaya is a self-sufficient state in Northeast India. It has the best of vacations to offer, not only with beautiful natural landscapes but also with its rich culture and heritage.

Begin your journey to the land of the fairy-tales with Capture A Trip. Meghalaya is an amazingly connected and yet unexplored Indian state. We bring you to this land of high mountains and deep valleys, through our trips, that will transport you into a land which will always close its doors for night, but never for any visitor.


If you're looking for a great time with friends, family, or solo, Shillong is the perfect spot. There's no shortage of cultural attractions like the Shillong Carnival, where you can have fun shopping for souvenirs and enjoy delicious food. If you're looking for an adventure-filled experience, try kayaking on the Umiam Lake, which is also great for fishing.


If you're looking for a walk on the wild side, root bridges are for you. The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These bridges only last as long as the roots they're made from – usually 2-3 years or less. That's why they're “living” bridges!

The cleanest village in Asia is now the cleanest village in the world. Mawlynnong, located at a distance of 90 kilometres from Shillong, is the pride of Meghalaya and Asia. Tourists love to visit this beautiful village and be amazed by how clean and peaceful it is. The villagers take collective efforts to keep the surroundings of the village extremely clean.


For those who like ancient places, Meghalaya tour package has many places that are really worth visiting. For history buffs, there are numerous monuments and relics that show what life was like in this region in the olden days.


Meghalaya trip is a land of many attractions. From our specially curated Meghalaya trip package you will get to see the valleys to the hills, from the plains to the Rocky Mountains, from the waterfalls to the caves, there is something that will interest all of you. 



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