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There are so many aspects of our lives where stress can sneak in and stir up trouble. The trick is to not let it take over when it appears or to let it define who we are. Rather, the goal is to recognize when we’re stressed and take steps to control it.

Why not melt away the stress with an aromatic skincare routine? Aromatics have long been a source of comfort. Certain aromatics can soothe the senses. Others can seemingly transport us to realms of wonder and relaxation.

April is Stress Awareness Month, a whole month dedicated to identifying what contributes to our stress and what we can do about it. And for some, an aromatic skincare routine with a decadent almond and vanilla body butter might just be the perfect place to start.

How Aromatic Skincare Can Make a Difference

Stress and tension can pull us down. It can negatively influence our mental and physical well-being. When possible, it can be beneficial to address the source of stress head-on and to take control.

However, as we all know, a lot of the time, the source of stress can be outside of our control. So, we have to respond to it in our own way. While we can all respond differently, one way you can take control is through aromatic skincare. It’s another way you can immerse yourself in delightful aromatics while giving back to your skin and your whole self.

In many ways, it’s more immersive than other forms of aromatherapy. From candles to incense to essential oil diffusion, you can easily surround yourself with soothing scents. But with aromatic skincare, it can become an entire experience.

Finding Your Favorite Soothing Aromas

There are all kinds of aromas that can help melt away the stress. For some, lavender and other mild florals are all it takes for the stress to be soothed away. For others, they may want something fresher or brighter, like citrus and mint.

We all respond to different scents, well, differently. There can be something nostalgic and magical about almond and vanilla body butter, for example. As you apply the body butter, it can seemingly transport you to a happy time and place—like baking cookies as a child. This kind of feeling can be like giving yourself a big hug.

Building an Aromatic Skincare Routine

How can you build an aromatic skincare routine? It can start by looking for real aromatic sources in a variety of skincare products. You might cleanse your face with a gentle baby soap bar made with real lavender.

In the shower, you might toss in a shower steamer tablet made with real bergamot and eucalyptus essential oils. As the hot water dissolves the tablet, the scents may entwine you and pull away the stress.

After the shower, you can apply body butter made with real bergamot and eucalyptus oils. As you nourish and moisturize your skin, the scent once again dances around you and stays with you, giving you respite from that sense of tension.

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