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Every morning, the man or woman what comes first in mind is the one what to wear today. Men have fewer choices of clothing and accessories than women. While men can be prepared for a few minutes in these lesser clothing options, this is a man's strength. Most men take some type of shirt or t-shirt from their closet and immediately put it on and go out.

Men also admit that they value their appearance. So it's time to choose the best outfit and make the right impression.

Formal wear:

Specific types of clothing are only worn for formal occasions such as business events, formal meetings, government events, dress code for the workplace.

The pattern of a shirt for an interview or business meeting can be stripes (chalk stripes, pearl stripes, stripes), plain plaid (window glass, dog teeth, herringbone)

Nowadays men don't often wear ties, it's a matter of choice. If you can remember the color scheme and pattern it should match your shirt. The length of the tie also makes optical sense.

Casual wear:

Casual wear for everyday life that combines personal comfort and individuality. Can be from casual pants such as jeans, chinos, shirts with buttons, or t-shirts with sneakers. T-shirt is an important part of men's wardrobe, easy to wear, stylish.

A long sleeve casual t-shirt will make you look sharper when you roll up the cuffs. Buying V-neck t-shirts looks more stylish, t-shirts with print are now trendy. Buy classic bold t-shirts that add a lively look to colors like white, dark, black, and gray.

Plus, this lightweight jacket completes every man's casual look.


Buy quality shoes that best suit your feet and interests. Black is the most common color, but you can choose brown or any color that suits your style of clothing. Choose from a variety of styles such as moccasins, wing tops, brogues, round toe or pointed toe shoes.

Whether for business or pleasure, the right look makes your dreams come true, giving you strength, maturity, style and courage.


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