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Denim jeans are the foundation of men’s wardrobe and it is like having the fashion world in your wardrobe. You can pull off any style from casual to formal just with a pair of denim jeans. The first pair of jeans for men was created in the year 1873 in Nevada as rivet-reinforced pants. Since then denim has secured its place in the fashion world. Such huge and never-ending popularity is due to its versatile characteristics and durability. The history of denim jeans is fascinating but do you know what is more fascinating? It is to know the best way to style jeans and to look cucumber.

In this post let us take a look at 5 Ways to Wear The Most Versatile thing you own.

Casual blazer and jeans 

Blazers are one of those stunning pieces of clothing with the power to elevate any outfit. Blazer and jeans are a deadly combo. It hits the smart casual note with top-notch perfection. You cannot go for a better smart casual look other than a blazer and jeans online. The trick here is to know how to pair a blazer with your best-owned pair of jeans and set you apart from the rest. If you have a slimmer silhouette, go for a slim-fitting blazer. A slim-fitting blazer will sit snugly without bulging on the sides. Your well-fitting pair of blue denim jeans and a color coordinated blazer is a perfect last-minute outfit to get you ready for any event. You can play with the color of the blazer to make the outfit more interesting. A classic velvet blazer is more than enough to make you look dapper. Make sure that the color of the denim and the blazer goes well together.

The perfect skinny jean ensemble

Super skinny jeans were considered to be the symbol of a teenage rebel. However, things have changed and super skinny jeans for men are a symbol of casual style, and wearing it is considered to be a cucumber. The super skinny jeans are not for people with faint hearts. The super skinny jeans adhere to your legs like paint as it has high elastane content in the cotton. It is best suited for men who are tall and slim. If you have a large or bulky frame, tell a big no to this type of jeans. This works well with casual tops. Avoid pairing the super skinny jeans with a suit. For the best ensemble try button-up shirts, white tees, and Chelsea boots. You can also play around with patterned tops.

Denim jacket and jeans for the double denim look

You can clearly see that denim has monopolized men’s fashion choices and has taken over men’s wardrobe with various denim-inspired items. A denim jacket is one such wardrobe member loved by many. When styled right, denim jeans have the power to elevate your outfit to new heights. Here as you are going for the same material and fabric, break the ensemble by incorporating some contrast with top and bottom. Either go for different colors or different effects such as distressed, washed, or ripped. The next thing you have to consider is the fit. A good fit has the power to make or break any outfit. A slim-fit jacket is perfect if you have a lean body frame. A tip to pull off this ensemble is to select light shade denim in the top and work with dark shade from the waist down.

An ideal way to wear selvage denim

Selvage denim is the fortified version of raw or unwashed denim. It gives off clean and natural edges and doesn’t get frayed easily. The term selvage refers to the outer edge of the fabric and the term raw indicates the overall characteristics and finish of the material. you can pair a host of clothing from denim jackets to tees and collared shirts suits with the selvage jeans.

Casual Friday outfit

A casual office environment is the best place where jeans and jackets get heated up. You can play with light-ish jeans and loafers with a business blue shirt under a navy cotton sports jacket and tastefully pair it with sans weave long tie. For the winter, you can experiment and go casual with a grey flannel jacket and mid-blue jeans. Let the shirt be quasi corporate with a cutaway collar. If you are heading for a date or weekend get together, pair the ensemble with striped socks, brown leather shoes, and a jacket with a spotted pocket square. Jeans and a casual jacket will get you instantly ready for any weekend event. You can show your friends that your fashion sense is on par with some best fashion trendsetters.

Bottom line

 Without denim jeans, in your wardrobe, you will miss a lot in fashion trends. Hence get the best denim jeans online and make your wardrobe ready for anything.


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