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Ling Baoer snorted in his thin nose and gave Daqingshan a hard white look with his eyes. Holding the splendor in his little hand, he played a few tricks in front of Daqingshan's eyes. Only then did he insert the scabbard contentedly. By the way, brother Amy, you said you were having a sweet dream, didn't you. Dreaming about me? Have you ever dreamed that I came to save you? The little nymphomaniac is always very easy to get into the mood. Next time, I will try to dream of you. For this Lingbao. Amy is not so much a nominal husband as a father now, and she is very spoiled to the little girl. So what did you dream about? The little girl took Amy by the hand. Amy's face showed a very strange look, thought about it before saying: “I dreamed that I received two apprentices, worked hard to teach them for more than 20 years…” Dizzy. Daqingshan, Sha Ruo face is smiling, Amy himself just in his early 20s, this dream of accepting apprentices, it is estimated that the only purpose of this guy to accept apprentices is to facilitate their own better to eat lazy. A man or a woman? Ling Baoer once again played his diligent and inquisitive character. The small white board of the mercenary soldier is really a loyal audience in the world. Two men. And it's kind of stupid. Amy curled her lips in the direction of Daqingshan. “Just as stupid as that guy.” Daqingshan turned up the corners of his mouth helplessly. But then Ling Baoer's words made Daqingshan even more speechless. I think so. Stupid doesn't pull the fork. Birds of a feather flock together. Said these two words,Pallet rack upright, Ling Baoer powder all the little hand before a point on their own and Amy's chest, the latter sentence is directed at the Daqingshan: “Humph.” With that dragon, there are no good people, stupid and bad. Cough. Birds of a feather flock together. Whiteboard and Amy have only been together for a few days. Pointing at mulberry, scolding Huai and insinuating are all learned. Or it seems more appropriate to say that the husband sings with the wife. Daqingshan knew that Ling Baoer,Pallet rack beams, the little girl, was still petty about the fact that she had just broken her wrist to seize the extraordinary splendor dagger, and was embarrassed to be angry. Besides, with a loser like Amy, if he was angry, he would have been angry to death 10 years earlier. And then? Did the two stupid disciples go to find a stupid dragon to ride? The attention of the small whiteboard immediately returned to Amy. It's not. Both of them learned magic later, and they did well. When I was woken up, they were already great magicians, and they were about to enter the prayer tower. Amy laughed and was ready to move on to another topic: “I still remember their names, warehouse rack manufacturer ,radio shuttle racking, one is Yoda and the other is Sayesi.” Uh? All the dark elves were stunned, and little Raistlin muttered in a low voice, “Yoda? Taeseetun?”? ” Amy laughed and held out her thumb to little Raistlin. “Yes, those are the names.”. What's the matter? Did I talk in my sleep when I was dreaming just now? The dark elf's ears are really good. “Oh..” Little Raistlin's face was full of suspicion. “Don't you know that these two men are famous?” “Is it?” Amy smiled even more happily: “a random dream can also dream of celebrities.”. Besides, I dreamed of giving them three magic books. As she spoke, Amy opened the enchantment bag and reached in to touch it-the smile on Amy's face froze after a moment. What's the matter? Daqingshan looked at Amy and asked in a low voice. Where's my book? Amy subconsciously reached out and touched a few times in the boundary bag, and her face was hard to see. What book? The Dragon Knight seldom saw such a strange look on Amy's face. ……” Amy hesitated for ten minutes before she said, “It's the three magic books that the three old men gave me in the magic tower.” What Daqingshan and Sha Ruo, two people who had also experienced that strange encounter, opened their eyes wide, just now. Just now, when Amy poured out the contents of her boundary bag, the two of them saw the three ancient magic books. Say no and you're gone. The dark elves looked at each other. Their eyes are full of shock! It's like seeing death! Little Raistlin muttered again, “Yoda, nicknamed the Magic Emperor.”. One of the two founders of the Magical Empire. saesee His nickname is Skywalker, one of the two founders of the Magic Empire. Two purple-robed magic teachers. What This time, it's Amy and Qingluo who are staring at each other. In the age of the Magic Empire, all heroes have a famous nickname, but their real names are not easy to be remembered by future generations. Magical Emperor and Skywalker are definitely the most powerful characters among the millions of magicians in the Magical Empire. Although it has been more than 20000 years ago, these two names still appear frequently in various magical texts and are still sung by bards. As for the purple robe. Although all the Jedi elders are at the level of the Great Demon Teacher, they are awarded seven robes according to their strength, including grey, white, yellow, green, blue, red and purple robes. Grey robes are the lowest. Purple robes are the highest. Throughout the history of the Magical Empire, the total number of purple-robed magicians was in the single digits. After breaking up with the three Jedi Elders of the Magical Empire, Amy had caught up on this history, and it was then that he remembered that two of the three Jedi Elders were white and one was grey. This is too bizarre. He even dreamed of receiving two purple-robed Jedi elders as apprentices,Drive in racking system, and even the founder of the Magic Empire. Amy smiled bitterly now: “This …” If these two seniors know something underground, won't they be angry to death by me? Take advantage of them even in your dreams. These two seniors must have their own magic teachers. “No..” Raistlin Jr. immediately interrupted Amy. “They're two of a kind.” Ah? It's not that funny, is it? Amy is a little silly. Subconsciously opened his mouth. Ye Wuheng took a deep breath. Looking seriously into Amy's eyes: “The names of the mentors of these two magicians are … …” Amy 。 omracking.com


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